5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

It can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing nature of social media, consumer demands, and industry trends — especially when you’re managing the wide range of your brand’s marketing needs. As a marketing director, however, it’s your job to build brand awareness in a way that generates ROI. 

Get the most out of your investment by including the right tactics in your social media strategy. Continue reading to learn five ways to maximize your social ROI

1. Stay Consistent 

5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

Build brand awareness and boost customer acquisition and retention by maintaining a consistent presence across your social platforms. Consistency includes all aspects of your social presence such as what and how often you post, and even how your brand is represented by your retailers. These factors impact customer trust, and maintaining brand integrity is the key to building that trust. 

Keep your brand top of mind by publishing a steady stream of content to your social platforms. Post at optimal times to maximize your content’s Reach and Engagement. Use social media scheduling tools if you don’t have the bandwidth to manage the timing of your social media posts. Use tools like Thumbstopper’s Brand Manager™  to save time and boost brand compliance across your and your retailer’s social channels. 

2. Leverage Co-Op Advertising 

5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

The brand-retailer relationship is more important now than ever before — both have a need that the other can solve. Whether it’s due to a lack of time, knowledge, or resources, most retailers struggle with driving sales on social media. Their local influence, however, gives them access to a highly targeted audience. Brands have the high-quality content and social media expertise needed to drive conversions, yet need to build strong customer relationships — such as the relationships local retailers have with their customers. 

5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

Co-op advertising (when done right) enables both brands and retailers to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. Retailers are able to utilize a brand’s high-quality content, benefitting from their brand recognition to drive sales. Brands gain their retailer’s local influence, building brand awareness while reaching a highly targeted audience. Both parties are able to save time and money on their marketing efforts while simultaneously maximizing their social ROI. 

Tip: Streamline your co-op marketing process with social media asset management.

3. Automate Your Efforts 

Marketing automation helps brands save time and money while making the most of their social presence. Some social media platforms offer their own automation capabilities, while others allow you to connect external platforms. These tools can improve the customer experience while saving you time and boosting conversions.

Set up automated messaging on your social accounts to streamline your customer service process. Use an automated content creation tool if you lack the time or bandwidth to create content yourself. Social media scheduling tools make it easy to maintain a consistent presence on multiple social accounts. 

4. Utilize Content Amplification and Syndication

5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

Content amplification and syndication help you maximize your ROI by repurposing content you’ve already created. Content amplification can be used for paid or organic social and widens your content’s Reach by distributing it to a new or broader audience. Content syndication takes the content you’ve already created, adjusts it, and reuses it on various channels to reach different audiences.

Both are powerful strategies that can help you make the most out of your content investment. Use both of these methods together to get the best results. If you don’t have time to amplify and syndicate your content manually, or are looking for ways to get the most out of this strategy, choose a tool that combines both and manages the process for you. 

5. Optimize for Social Commerce

5 Tips for Maximizing Your ROI on Social Media

Many social media platforms are rolling out shopping features, enabling customers to buy with ease. Instagram’s shopping feature, for example, enables businesses to connect their product catalog to their Instagram account and creates a shopping tab for customers to make purchases without leaving the app. In addition to the shopping tab, businesses can also tag shoppable products in their Instagram photos — making it much easier for a consumer leisurely scrolling on Instagram to make a purchase. 

Promote these new shopping features on your social posts once you’ve set them up. In addition to using social commerce features, be sure your social bios have a link to your website. Include a clear call to action on your posts that entices the viewer to click the link and convert. 

How ThumbStopper Can Help You Maximize Your Social ROI

Use your valuable time efficiently and maximize your social ROI with a scalable, comprehensive social media management platform like ThumbStopper. What’s more, our features simplify the process of retailer onboarding and channel marketing, brand consistency, and partner marketing by helping brands bridge the content gap with their retailers. 
Contact us today to get started.

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