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The Challenge of Finding Time to Manage Social Media

As a retailer, you juggle many aspects of managing your business. While you may know that consistent social media content posting is necessary to reach customers through social media, it’s not that easy. You may struggle with what kind of content you can or should post, where to get the design elements you might need — like quality photos — and how to make time to craft professional-looking, effective content. That’s even before you get to the scheduling and posting!

The Brands You Sell Create Amazing Content

The national or international manufacturers whose products you sell are armed with large budgets and in-house teams of creatives or outsourced agencies whose only focus is on creating really great, compelling content. They aren’t just taking great pictures of their products for their own use. They’re also working hard to promote a lifestyle around their brand, to reach consumers on an emotional level. They professionally shoot and edit photos and videos of their latest products. They are able to create cost-prohibitive digital assets like videos and animations. In addition, They put hours into writing descriptions that convey their values and goals–without spelling, grammar, or punctuation issues. They know that high-quality imagery combined with researched verbiage translates into more eyeballs on their brand, and eventually a strong ROI.

Take Advantage of Brand-Curated Content

You stock the brands your customers want, so make sure they know it. Your brands likely encourage you to use their assets in your own marketing, to benefit you and them. Their high-quality content can make so much more impact than photos you might take on a phone or piece together with a rudimentary graphic design program. Now, your challenge is finding time to scroll through your brands’ products and images to find the ones you carry, download the content, and schedule it to post on your social media accounts. Luckily, you can automate this whole process.

Automate Content Distribution

With ThumbStopper, retailers automatically receive brand-curated content fed directly to their social media pages. And because ThumbStopper’s A.I. filters content by the brands and products you sell in your store, you never have to worry about posts going out for items you don’t sell. By leveraging the high-quality content from your brands, you avoid a costly burden on your business, freeing you to focus on other mission-critical tasks and leaving the social content to us and your brands.

Content Creation

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