There is a disconnect between brands and retailers.

Brands are struggling to get their content into the social feeds of their retailers.

Social media managers are burdened by tools that were not designed to distribute content at scale.

Retailers are busy and seldom have time to maintain a consistent social media presence.

ThumbStopper is the pipeline through which a brand’s content flows across its retailer’s social network.


Wherever your retailers happen to be, they are never more than a click away from being on-board and on-brand.


We do the heavy lift of automating your content distribution so your team can spend more time on engagement and less time on deployment.


Custom curated feeds are generated for your content and syndicated directly to the social media feeds of your local retailers.


Our machine learning algorithms ensure your brand’s content is in the right place at the right time – all the time.


Synchronize your brand’s messaging across your entire network of local retailers.


Analytics provide actionable insights into the performance of your content and how it influences your target consumer.

Vertically Inclined

From Hospitality to Lifestyle to Marine and everything in between, our platform will amplify your brand. No vertical is too steep a climb for ThumbStopper.

Easy to Use

ThumbStopper is a turnkey solution that is simple for brands to use and seamless for retailers. We provide an end-to-end concierge experience that is second-to-none.

Built to Scale

Whether you are connecting to 100’s or 1000’s of independent retailers’ social media pages, ThumbStopper does the heavy lifting for your brand.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

Qualify for a complimentary Brand-To-Local Social Audit to see what percentage of your retailers are connected to your brand on social.