How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

From reputation management to tracking ROI, and everything in between, brands need a social media manager that can do it all — effectively. A brand’s social media content directly reflects who they are, and low-quality content creates a negative impression that can drive customers away. 

Time and money are valuable commodities, both of which can be quickly spent when handling the vast needs of your brand. Read on to learn how you can efficiently manage your brand’s social media strategy.

Streamline the Content Planning and Publishing Process

Social media management can be a time consuming task — one challenged by the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the social media landscape. While content planning and publishing are essential to the success of your social media strategy, there are some best practices you can implement to streamline the process.

Use a Content Calendar to Plan Ahead 

As a social media manager, it’s your job to ensure the content you’re creating is compelling, on-brand, and consistent. Trying to craft a high-quality post in the middle of a busy day can be challenging and increase the likelihood of mistakes or inconsistencies. Low-quality content can tarnish a brand’s reputation that, in turn, can cost you customers and even more time and money to rebuild. 

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

Simplify the content creation process by dedicating time to strategize and plan your content. Planning ahead improves efficiency and ensures your content is timely, valuable, and high-quality — all of which can increase overall brand sentiment. Use a content calendar to house all of your posts as you’re creating them — these are especially helpful when you’re managing multiple social media platforms and need a way to organize your content. 

Use a Social Media Automation Tool 

With over 3.6 billion daily active users globally in 2020, every day that you don’t post on social media is a missed opportunity. That being said, consistency is essential in keeping your brand top of mind and your followers engaged. 

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

A social media management tool can help you maintain a consistent posting schedule across multiple platforms. Maximize Reach and Engagement by posting at optimal times.  While social media management tools are an effective way to publish content, social media automation tools offer advanced capabilities that can help you save even more. 

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

Social media automation streamlines the social media management process — saving you valuable time creating, publishing, and tracking content. What’s more, social media automation helps you amplify and syndicate your existing content, enabling you to get the best ROI out of it.  

Use Analytics to Maximize Your Efforts 

When the content you’ve carefully crafted falls flat, it can be frustrating. The content you’ve published in the past provides valuable insight into how you can achieve success with future social media content. 

Engagement, Reach, and Conversions are just some of the metrics that tell you what content is performing well, and where you can improve. Identify what metrics define success for your brand’s content, analyze the results, and adjust your content accordingly. 

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

Since social media is ever-changing, it’s important to look at these insights regularly. Doing so can help you maximize your ROI and save you the cost of ineffective content.

Establish Partnerships

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

Leveraging the right partnerships is a smart way to optimize your social media strategy while saving time and money. Co-op advertising is a mutually beneficial partnership between brands and their retailers that helps you increase ROI, brand awareness, conversions, and more. Partner marketing enables you to share resources with other companies, and is a cost-effective way to reach new audiences and boost sales. 

How to Save Time and Money on Your Brand's Social Media Strategy

Your brand’s social media strategy goes beyond what you’re posting on your own channels. When partnering with another business, ensure brand compliance and consistency by providing branded content to your retailers or using content syndication tools.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategy With ThumbStopper

ThumbStopper enables brands like yours to connect with and utilize the networks of your local retailers. Tools like ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager™ can help you reach new audiences, ensure retailer engagement, and shape future strategy with valuable content insights.

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