How Social Media Asset Management Can Help You Achieve Your Co-Op Marketing Goals

Co-op advertising is a highly effective way for brands and retailers to save time, money, and energy on their social media strategies. In addition, this collaboration helps both parties achieve the same goals: increased conversions and brand awareness.

Social media is fundamental to co-op marketing. Creating a simple process that facilitates a consistent brand representation across all social accounts can be challenging — especially with multiple partnerships. Choosing the right social media asset management tool can help you and your retailers achieve your co-op marketing goals efficiently.

What Is Social Media Asset Management? 

Social media asset management is the way in which a company chooses to organize its branded assets. Whether due to the many demands of brand management or varying processes across teams, many companies have difficulty keeping their assets organized and easily usable. 

The more assets you have, the harder they can be to keep track of — especially if you don’t have a place to compile and organize them. This can create friction in your co-op marketing partnership. Support the success of your co-op marketing strategy by using the right tools. 

The Benefits of Asset Management in Co-Op Marketing 

Creating content that aligns with your brand standards can be challenging in and of itself. Your retailers aren’t usually marketing experts, and may not have the knowledge or bandwidth to create content that aligns with your brand standards. 

Simplify your co-op marketing strategy for yourself and your retailers with social media asset management. These tools eliminate the struggle of content creation for retailers and help brands guarantee consistency every time they’re represented — both of which increase visibility and sales. 

Create an Efficient Sharing Process

Brands have a wide variety of logos, product photos and videos, and other supporting content. These assets typically require different formats, sizes, styles, and more — and of course, may need to be changed periodically. 

Using a tool to keep track of your social media assets helps you stay organized and avoid costly mistakes. Social media asset management software can streamline the sharing process between you and your team, which saves you valuable time you’d spend searching for specific assets and sending them to the appropriate places.

What’s more, housing your digital assets in one place makes it easier for retailers to access your high-quality, branded content when they need it. Using these materials in their co-op advertising efforts helps retailers boost sales in-store and online and enables you to reach a larger, but still targeted, audience. 

Ensure Consistency

How Social Media Asset Management Can Help You Achieve Your Co-Op Marketing Goals

Co-op marketing is a great way to join forces with your local retailers. However, the more partnerships you have, the harder it can be to maintain brand compliance. Brand messaging amongst your retailers is equally as important as the messaging on your own channels. How your brand is represented, by you or your retailers, directly impacts your brand integrity. Inconsistencies can negatively impact your reputation — which you’ll have to spend even more time, money, and energy rebuilding. 

How Social Media Asset Management Can Help You Achieve Your Co-Op Marketing Goals

Increase customer trust and loyalty with brand consistency. How? By bridging the content gap with your retailers. This is best accomplished by using social media asset management tools in your co-op marketing efforts. Housing your updated assets in one place guarantees your retailers always have access to the content they need to stay on brand — saving you the time you’d spend ensuring brand compliance, and helping both parties maximize the benefits of co-op marketing

Enable Hyper-Local Marketing

How Social Media Asset Management Can Help You Achieve Your Co-Op Marketing Goals

Take your co-op advertising efforts a step further with hyper-local marketing — a strategy that drives traffic to your retailers by targeting consumers at precise locations. Hyper-local marketing is especially impactful for retailers since it focuses on increasing store traffic in a specific area. It also helps your brand reach the right type of customer at the right time. 

How can social media asset management optimize hyper-local marketing? Keeping your localized digital assets in one place enables retailers to easily access and post that unique content to their own feeds. Simplify your co-op marketing process further by selecting an asset management tool that allows you to manage the timing, target audience, location, and other details of your retailer’s content distribution. 

How ThumbStopper® Can Help 

How Social Media Asset Management Can Help You Achieve Your Co-Op Marketing Goals

Every brand needs a place to store its social media assets. With so many options on the market today, finding the right brand management software can be challenging.  
ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager™ allows you to store and manage your brand’s assets. In addition to asset management, our unique software includes a range of capabilities such as automated content distribution, content amplification and syndication, performance reporting, and more — so that you can achieve your co-op advertising goals with ease.

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