Brand Manager™

Brand Manager™

Giving you control over what, when, where and how your content is deployed.

The Intuitive Platform for Multi-Location, Social Media Marketing


With ThumbStopper, you are in control of your network’s content flow. Whether you sell through a small group of independent retailers or own thousands of storefronts, Brand Manager™ is built to scale and amplify your social thumbprint. Our intuitive platform distributes your social media content across your retailers’ social media pages, so you can save time and get you the results you need.

Use Brand Manager™ To:

  • House your digital assets and manage their distribution across your entire retail network.
  • Distribute content to select retailers based on the type of product, regionality, tags, keywords, and time zone.
  • Manage your entire content distribution across multiple locations with ease and efficiency.
  • Set a custom cadence that determines when your content is posted across your retail network.

Multi-Platform Content Syndication at Your Fingertips

While many tools can simplify your social media efforts, most aren’t designed to cultivate collaboration between retailers and brands. With Brand Manager™ you don’t have to worry about independent retailers altering your brand message —our platform ensures consistency and integrity across the social media space. Syndicate your content on today’s top social media platforms and get more eyes on your content.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business

The Partner Marketing Program That Actually Works

Brands and retailers both benefit from putting high-quality branded content in front of local audiences. Not only is our solution 100% hands-free for retailers, but we provide additional support to maximize retailer participation. Work with a dedicated account manager focused on increasing connections with retailers. ThumbStopper can also work within your existing partner marketing or retailer marketing programs.