Brand Manager™

Brand Manager™

Giving brands control over what, when, where, and how organic social content is deployed through their partner or retail network.

Brands and Retailers Both Benefit From Putting High-Quality Branded Content in Front of Local Audiences

With an automated, consistent system for reaching those audiences in the social media platforms they use every day, everyone wins. ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager is a turnkey solution enabling brands and retailers to automatically distribute content through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business (coming in Q2!). Our platform is the product of 15 years of innovation developing technology that connects brands to a retailer’s social media feeds and amplifies their local presence.

Brand Manager™

There’s No Software to Learn, No Burden on Your Team, and No Agency Necessary

Whether you’re a single retailer or manage thousands of storefronts, our platform scales to meet your needs. With ThumbStopper, you are in control of your network’s content flow.

As a Brand, You:

  • Can house your digital assets and manage their distribution across your entire retail network.
  • Can adjust the distribution of your content to fit the needs of your retailers – type of product, regionality, tags, keywords, etc.
  • Can manage your entire content distribution across multiple locations with ease and efficiency.
  • Can set a custom cadence that determines when your content is posted across your retail network.

As a Retailer, You:

  • Can subscribe to an automatic feed of brand-curated content that amplifies your social presence.
  • Can select a program that meets your needs and works with your marketing budget.
  • Can amplify your digital thumbprint on social media. seamlessly and focus on engaging with your customers.
  • Can easily gain access to a continuous flow of content in your social feed in minutes.
ThumbStopper Pulse App

Helping Local Retailers Better Align Their Social Goals with Branded Content

The app was developed to enable our retail customers to better control the branded content they syndicate and the channels that they choose to syndicate to. By putting more choice in the hands of our retailers, we can ensure a better experience for them and more meaningful content shares, leading to greater visibility for our brand partners and better responsiveness from our retail customers.

Brand Manager™
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Brand Manager™

Switch between accounts to manage all of your locations.

Brand Manager™

View content that has already been shared to your Facebook and Instagram page.

Brand Manager™

Seamlessly post content to your business's Instagram page