How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

Social Media Marketing Budget Interactive Worksheet

Every marketing tactic comes with a cost, whether it’s a hard cost or personnel time. For social media, these costs extend far beyond your ad budget. Time and money up front contribute to the overall cost.

There are a lot of social media automation tools on the market promising to save you money, time, or both. How can you know if their claims hold up unless you know what you’re spending today? The interactive worksheet below will enable you to gather all of your expenses in one place, so you can start from an informed place.

Notice where you can cut costs

There’s actually a lot you may not know about ThumbStopper! ThumbStopper can meet your social media automation needs, potentially reducing or eliminating some of your expenses. Reviewing your budget worksheet, ask yourself whether using ThumbStopper would help by:

  • Combining the purposes of multiple software programs
  • Reducing the need to track distribution by automating it
  • Providing analytics, hands-free
  • Eliminating the need to research local audiences by adjusting targeting automatically
  • Eliminating the need to send content to retailers individually
  • Getting more use out of the high quality content that you invest so much to produce

Contact ThumbStopper today to see how Brand ManagerTM and Brand AmplifierTM can increase your social media reach, earning you a greater ROI on your social media marketing

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