Retailer Channel Marketing

Experience True Network Effect Through Retailer Channel Marketing

Bridge the Content Gap Between Brand and Retailer

Giving your retailers access to your content repositories might seem like a good way to get your brand’s assets in front of local customers. But the truth is, most retailers are too busy managing their own business to have time to manage their marketing. To run an effective channel marketing program, you need a hands-free solution for your retailers that guarantees your content will be used when, how and where you want it to be.

Channel Marketing Through Social Media

There are many options to digitally market your brand at the national level, but your retailers and your customers insist you meet them where they are, and right now that’s increasingly becoming social media . Consumers, on average, spend more than two hours a day on social media and their buying behavior is directly influenced by the experiences they have with brands on social media . ThumbStopper’s intuitive platform, Brand Manager™,  connects you directly with your retailers social media pages, so you distribute content across multiple locations on today’s top social media platforms.

Multi-Platform Content Syndication

With consumers spending more and more time on a variety of social media platforms, it’s becoming increasingly important to promote your brand in more than one place. ThumbStopper’s platform, Brand Manager™, allows you to publish content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google My Business so you can make sure you’re reaching your target audiences on their preferred platform.

Maintain Control of Your Content

ThumbStopper lets you use your high-quality branded content again and again, reaching a wider audience than you could alone. As you communicate with local markets through your retailers’ social media feeds, you maintain consistency of your brand voice and creative. You can ensure that the imagery meets your standards and that all product information is accurate. Using our Brand Manager™, you can deploy your content to multiple locations easily and efficiently. 

Brands can benefit from a one-to-many network effect in which all subscribed retailers receive the correct content specified by the brand.

Expand Your Network Through Your Retailers

Once connected, brands don’t have to do anything to manage the retailers subscribed to ThumbStopper. Place your digital assets into Brand Manager™, set your criteria and distribute your content to every location – no matter the size of your retail network.

In addition, the platform relieves strain on the retailers, who may lack the resources to consistently create content of the quality your brand deserves and distribute it in a timely manner. This mutually beneficial arrangement strengthens your relationships with your retail channel marketing partners.

Retailer Channel Marketing
ThumbStopper is the product of 15 years of innovation developing technology to connect brands to their retailers’ social media pages.
We understand the difficulties brands face when trying to run a retailer channel marketing program. From lack of engagement with retailers, to unused funds and a lack of measurable ROI with the program, the whole strategy can feel very disconnected. ThumbStopper enables brands that sell through independent retailers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and expand markets, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

Qualify for a complimentary Brand-To-Local Social Audit to see what percentage of your retailers are connected to your brand on social.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

Qualify for a complimentary Brand-To-Local Social Audit to see what percentage of your retailers are connected to your brand on social.