Brand Amplifier™

Brand Amplifier™

Giving you the ability to amplify your message through multi-location social advertising, reaching new prospects at scale.

Run Multi-Location Social Advertising Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Did you know 7 out of 10 consumers are influenced by social media? Let ThumbStopper’s Brand Amplifier™ find your next customer on social by deploying campaigns through your local retailers. No matter the campaign, we work with your business to craft custom-tailored ads that meet the needs of your operation.

Amplify your social thumbprint with agency-level advertising campaigns–crafted with guidance from ThumbStopper.
Gain insights from robust reports and analytics to help identify how your campaign performs with your target audience within each market.
Adjust the distribution of your content and budgets to fit your retailers’ needs (ex. type of product, regionality, targeting, and more.)
Set a custom cadence that determines when your ads are posted across your retail network.
We Do the Heavy Lifting of Getting Your Retailers on Board

We Do the Heavy Lifting of Getting Your Retailers on Board

While you work with ThumbStopper’s advertising managers on the details of your campaign, our team focuses on retailer participation and sign-ups. We promote the program in a variety of ways to ensure its success. Our social advertising campaigns are completely hands-free for retailers and with just a couple of clicks, they are in.


The Partner Marketing Program That Actually Works

Brands and retailers both benefit from localized social advertising. Not only is our solution 100% hands-free for retailers, but ThumbStopper can also run within your existing partner or retailer marketing programs. With industry knowledge, personalized ad targeting, and robust reporting at your disposal, we ensure your campaign receives the most traction with your next customer.