Brand Manager™ Has Flexibility Built In

President and CEO of ThumbStopper Matthew Brown walks you through the unique capabilities of ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager for brands.

Not all brands are created equal. Often brands have to segment their retailers across a wide-range of factors, including regionality, seasonality, product lines carried, districts, and more.

ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager was built to handle any brand’s complexities, from the simple to the sophisticated, ensuring that your retailers only receive content that’s germane to their needs.

If you need to segment your content for your network, ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager can handle it.

Hello, I’m Matthew Brown, President and CEO of ThumbStopper.

At ThumbStopper, our goal is simple: to help your brand connect to your retailers and amplify their social presence. How do we do this? By automatically connecting your brand’s digital content to your retailers’ social media pages.

Not all of your retailers are alike, and we’ve heard your concern: “My brand is too complex for your solution.”

With ThumbStopper, the A.I. within our patented Brand Manager™ meets the needs of the most complex brand business rules. Whether you need to segment your retailers by product lines, retailer type, engagement, region, language, distributor, or inventory, our flexible software can support your most complex needs easily and accurately. Tag your content once and its automatically syndicated to the right retailers.

So whether tens, hundreds, or even thousands of your retailers sell different combinations of your products and services, ThumbStopper does the heavy lifting, making the complex easy, and getting your content to the right place at the right time all the time.

Give us just 15 minutes to better understand how ThumbStopper can help connect your brand with your retail network.

Thank you.


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