What Is Social Media Automation?

Hi, my name is Marissa from ThumbStopper and I’m here to answer the question “What Is Social Media Automation?” Let me start by saying that’s quite a broad question., there are many types of social media automation tools, all of which are specifically tailored to help with different phases of the content creation and publishing process. Some are built for smaller independent social media pages while others are crafted to help enterprises manage & syndicate mass amounts of social media content. 

Before we dive into those different types, let’s give the term a generic definition: Social Media Automation is the process of utilizing third party or native social media tools to eliminate tedious tasks and enhance efficiency, driving better social media related KPIs. 

There are intelligent chat bots like ManyChat. 

Jack of all trade management platforms that seem to be larger than life these days like Hootsuite.  

There are even some automation tools, like audience research suites, that have drastically different approaches to accomplishing the same solution. Take Awario as an example: this is, a visual tool that allows you to monitor the global conversation around specific trends. Alternatively there is BuzzSumo, a social media aggregation tool that ranks the top performing articles across the entirety of social media. Two tools with similar results, but interesting niche approaches that will benefit different teams for different reasons. (like what?) 

All of these are great examples of tools that help businesses and social media managers of all sizes. But what about those tools I alluded to before that are handcrafted to help large brands & enterprise-level businesses? Multi-channel marketing tools like ThumbStopper allow brands to intelligently syndicate the brand content they spent valuable time and money making to their entire retail network. This. e Exponentially increases organic reach with minimal effort while supplementing the existing strategies of each individual retailer. 

In conclusion. From ManyChat, to ThumbStopper, all of the tools I just mentioned resonate with our initial definition: tools that eliminate tedious or repetitive tasks and improve KPIs. Instead of replacing the authentic human behind the wheel, these tools are built to co-exist with existing strategies, helping you build growth and hit your KPIs. 

If you’d like to learn more about social media automation, and how multi-channel marketing can help increase organic reach, visit Thumbstopper.com. 

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What Is Social Media Automation
What Is Social Media Automation?
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