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Keep Up With Social Media Posting

Making Time to Post Your Content

Posting on social media can be a burden on a small business, especially if you don’t have someone on your staff who is solely responsible for social media marketing. Studies show that posting highly engaging content frequently and consistently results in more visibility for your business and more fans. In other words, you have to make time for social media and seize on opportunities to make social media posting more efficient.

Get Content Automatically Posted on Your Social Media Pages

The key to more engagement and followers on social media is high-quality content. ThumbStopper works with your brands to get consistent posts on your social media business pages. Our solution is 100% hands-free, so there’s no login information to remember or additional work required.

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Social Media Builds Consumer Confidence

As social media becomes an increasingly important source for consumers to discover and research–with half of users between the ages of 25-34 using social to research products and services–a robust social presence builds consumer confidence. When someone finds your profile, they expect it to contain complete information, such as your location, hours of operation, contact information, photos and reviews. They also want to see that you have posted to your feed recently and do so regularly. Otherwise, they might wonder whether your information is outdated or even if you’re still in business.

Build a Following Through Regular Posting

Social media is a conversation that takes place 24/7. In order to attract customers, you need to participate. That means posting a variety of content, responding to feedback and showing an interest in other people. When more users like, share or comment on your posts, the social algorithms show them your content more frequently, and the interaction snowballs. Only through taking an active part in the conversation will you gain new fans and followers.

Social Media Benefits That Last

Now, back to the issue of making time to post. Because ThumbStopper focuses on organic social content, the benefits last well beyond those of typical digital marketing tactics. Unlike paid media, which immediately ceases to benefit your business once it’s turned off, ThumbStopper’s organic growth in reach and fans lasts well into the future. Additionally, photo and video libraries are filled with robust, high-quality digital content, so your social media presence is always credible and inspires consumer confidence.

Social Media Posting

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