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Get a Social Media Presence That Matters

ThumbStopper creates better social exposure for retailers.

Your business has the social media pages you need to succeed, but if no one is seeing your content, is social media effective for your business? Having a social page is different from having a social presence; fortunately, ThumbStopper can help ensure your social page grows into a robust social presence by automatically posting high-quality content to your business’s social pages on a consistent basis.

Social Media Growth for 2020 and Beyond

In the wake of the events of 2020, social media has seen exponential growth as consumers turn to social for information, entertainment, and education. Even though over half the population already uses social media, social media users continue to increase at a rate of 10.5%. And with consumers spending over two hours a day on social platforms, it’s important that your business is there for your future customers who are discovering and searching for the products you sell and the services you offer. In fact, 46% of users between the ages of 35-44 use social media to research products online; that number increases to 50% for users between the ages of 25-34, proving that your current and future customers are relying on social media to help them make a purchase decision.

Grow Your Social Presence While You Sleep

Because ThumbStopper automatically posts the content that your fans crave, there’s nothing for you to do after you sign up. Your business will enjoy a steady stream of brand-curated content, only for the products you sell.

What’s more, as a retailer on the ThumbStopper platform, you also have access to the high-quality content from the brands you sell, so you can pick and choose from the posts available to you if you’d like, or just let ThumbStopper’s patented A.I. choose the posts that will perform the best for your business.

Social Exposure

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