Fan Growth & Engagement

Grow Fans Faster, Get Better Visibility on Social

ThumbStopper Retailers Grow Fans 7x Faster

Being active–consistently–on social platforms is the best way to increase audience growth and engagement. While it might seem obvious, the second part, consistency, is crucial. If you want social algorithms to work in your favor, you have to be active. Posting one a week or once a month won’t cut it. By being active 3 or more times a week, you have more chances for your content to get noticed, meaning more likes, more shares, and more followers.

More Visibility for Your Business on Social Media

Even though organic reach (or the number of people that see your content versus the number of followers you have) has declined over the past several years–to around 2%–ThumbStopper retailers are winning the organic reach game, experiencing an average organic reach of 11.3%. This means that for every 100 people you have following your business’s page, over 11 of them are likely to see your content.

Why? Because ThumbStopper retailers are posting consistently engaging content, bubbling their posts up to the top of the social feeds for the fans that follow their page.

ThumbStopper Retailers See Better Growth on Social Media

Because retailers on ThumbStopper post better content more frequently, they see a larger increase in fan growth: in fact, while the average business page grows fan and followers at a rate of 1.6%, ThumbStopper retailers grow fans and followers at a 12.5% rate. Again, due to social algorithms, and the increase in shared content, retailers relying on ThumbStopper grow their local social presence faster than they would otherwise.

Fan Growth & Engagement

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