Product Promotion

Product Promotion Made Easy

Share Sales and Deals on Behalf of Your Brands

A manufacturer’s sale or product promotion can drive a lot of customers to your door, but only if they know you’re a participating retailer. Brands spend major money on national advertising whenever they run a promotion, so take full advantage of their efforts. By sharing their social media content, you get the benefit of added exposure with little extra investment.

Never Miss a Moment on Social Media

ThumbStopper’s platform connects retailers to their brand’s marketing department in real time, through our software. Retailers receive timely and appropriate promotional material on their social pages. As a result, retailers never have to worry about promotion or sale dates; their brands always advertise the latest sale as it’s happening, with content ending when the sale ends, so your customers won’t be misinformed, or worse, never informed at all.

Count on Brand Consistency

Major manufacturers work hard to cultivate and communicate their brand, and brand consistency is key. Their brand reputation reflects on you, the retailer, as well. Big brands establish complex business rules about which retailers sell which products, when and how. ThumbStopper’s BrandManagerTM gives the brand control over how their content appears on retailers’ feeds. Any changes to products or promotions update in real time so you never receive content for products or services you don’t offer.

Get Tailored, Seasonal Social Content

The retail world runs on seasonality. If the products you sell are affected by the time of year, holidays or other outside forces, rest assured that the marketers for the brands you sell adjust the content accordingly. They can even respond quickly when something unexpected, like a pandemic, throws everyone’s calendars into disarray. And while you may only sell snow blowers in the winter, occasionally reminding your consumers about snow blowers in the summer can give them the reminder they need that you sell those products when the time is right to buy.

Product Promotion

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