Product Promotion

Never Miss a Chance to Promote Your Products

Get Promotions on Social When They Start, Turn Them Off When They’re Done, Automatically

Nothing is worse than missing out on promoting a manufacturer’s sale or product promotions. Brands spend a lot of money on paid media to promote their special event through national advertising, so making sure your fans and followers know that you’re a participating retailer is critical to taking advantage of the additional exposure.

Never Miss a Moment on Social Media

Because retailers on ThumbStopper’s platform are connected in real time to their brand’s marketing department through our software, your brands can ensure that you’re receiving timely and appropriate promotional material through your business’s social pages. With ThumbStopper, retailers never have to worry about promotion or sale dates; their brands take care of ensuring that they are advertising the latest sale as it’s happening, with content ending when the sale ends, so your customers won’t be misinformed, or worse, never informed about your products’ promotions.

Uniquely Your Social Content, Seasonally Inspired

Many brands have very complex business rules about which retailers sell which products and when. Because ThumbStopper in most cases is connected directly to the brands you sell, any changes in the products you sell are updated in real time so you never receive content for products or services you don’t offer.

What’s more, you and your brands know that seasonality oftentimes matters. If the products you sell are affected by seasonality, you can rest assured knowing that the marketing team from the brands you sell know this and adjust the content you’re posting to reflect those changes. And while you may only sell snow blowers in the winter, occasionally reminding your consumers about snow blowers in the summer can give them the reminder they need that you sell those products when the time is right to buy.

Product Promotion

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