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Stihl testimonial

"Working with Thumbstopper is a pleasure. Not only do they provide an effective turn-key service that has helped us reach more customers and increase our Social Media engagement, but their team is so friendly and helpful with any sales or support questions."

Ania Harrell
Marketing Manager


"I can’t say enough about the exceptional service and results we’ve experienced with our BOSS Social powered by Thumbstopper program. From the moment we engaged with their team, they demonstrated unparalleled dedication and expertise in elevating our network’s social media presence. Their strategic approach and innovative solutions have significantly boosted our brand visibility and engagement, leading to tangible business growth. Thumbstopper’s commitment to understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions sets them apart as true industry leaders. We’re thrilled with the results and highly recommend Thumbstopper to any business seeking impactful social media solutions."

Lisa Axberg
Marketing Associate
BOSS Snowplow


"Thumbstopper has elevated our social media strategy and improved the way we engage with our audience. Their user-friendly platform has empowered our marketing teams to nearly double our social reach, effortlessly connecting our brands with current and high potential customers. This innovative approach has not only reduced our
audience acquisition costs but has also streamlined our efforts, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional paid social tactics."

Emma Dubuis
Global Director of Integrated Media and Ecommerce
McIntosh Group

Yamaha Speedboat

"ThumbStopper has been a gamechanger for our dealer network. Their platform makes it effortless to connect with our dealers' networks, boosting our visibility and engagement. It's a must-have tool for any brand looking to make waves in local markets."

Morgan Fraser
Digital Marketing Coordinator | Watercraft Group
Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA


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Marin Bikes

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