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Hashtag Strategy and What It Adds to Your Content

hashtag strategy

Demographics are another incredibly important component to consider when choosing a key social media platform. The challenge is determining which platform has features to meet your marketing goals and caters to your target demographic.

Why Accessible Content Is So Important in Social Media


Syndicating social media and search engine content to retail partners isn’t a new idea, but its execution is evolving. There is a variety of software in 2022 attempting to address specific pain points in social media marketing. They delegate making creative content to AI or determine the perfect time for your content to be posted. It speaks to our inclination towards automation which is usually due to frustration over tedious tasks that waste resources.

The Future of Co-Op Marketing

International brands (or OEMs) know that successful co-op marketing can be key to meeting your goals. There are major benefits to getting your retailers involved in your brand’s marketing, especially when it comes to social media.

The Untapped Marketing Potential of Your Retailer Network

Social media has completely changed how brands communicate with and advertise to their customers. Brands have their own social media pages and recognize the importance of being active on them, especially on their target demographic’s favorite platforms.

The Massive Impact of Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing, the partnerships between brands and influencers to promote products to a specific audience, has become more lucrative the longer social media is around. If you’re active on social media you’ve observed the explosion in popularity of influencers for every interest or hobby imaginable in real-time.

Social Media and the Digital Customer Journey

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to ensure that many people are aware of your brand. But the advantage of greater reach that existing brands experience brings some pitfalls: with less precise targeting and broader organic appeal, the majority of people who see your content aren’t interested.