Shift Your Shop Into High Gear

ThumbStopper does the heavy lifting to publish brand-curated content to your social feed. Take our detour and focus on selling your bikes.

What is ThumbStopper?

We are a turnkey solution that automatically maintains and posts content on retailers’ social pages

Brands Spend Millions Creating Content – Use It!

Retailers have a sense of the importance in having quality branded content in their local social media feeds. But if the brands you sell don’t have the right platform to effectively distribute content, everyone loses. A one-time connection to ThumbStopper automatically delivers a steady flow of digital content directly to your store’s social feed.

100% Hands-Free

Subscribe to an automatic stream of brand-curated content to your social feed with ease – no software or agency necessary.

As Low as $19 a month.

Select a plan that best suits your shop’s needs and budget, customized by the number of brands you sell and pieces of content you want.

Experience 10x Growth

Customers who use ThumbStopper are seeing 50% increases in store traffic and up to 10x customer growth. Sign up and experience the ThumbStopper effect!


7 Out of 10 Customers are Influenced by Social Media.

Check out our 15 minute webinar on how to properly use social media to get more customers to come to your bike shop.