Automate Your Social

ThumbStopper does the heavy lifting to publish brand-curated content to your social feed automatically. Get time back in your day and let us take care of your social feed.

What We Do

There’s an Easier Way to Market Your Business

Content Creation

Leverage premium brand content

Brands spend millions each year creating digital content—ThumbStopper puts that content into your social media photo and video libraries so you can make a strong impression on visitors.

Product Promotion

Participate in product promotions

With ThumbStopper you don't have to keep track of your brand’s sales or promotion dates. When your brands advertise their latest sale on social media, your fans will see it in your feed.

Social Media Posting

Automate your feed

ThumbStopper is 100% hands-free for retailers, so there’s no login information to remember, social media calendar to keep up with or additional time to invest. Get automatic social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and Twitter, curated by the brands you carry.

Fan Growth

Reach more customers

Retailers on ThumbStopper get more fans for their business because they have better content reaching more people on social media.

Social Exposure

Get more eyes on your content

Social media algorithms favor business pages that post engaging content consistently. By using ThumbStopper, you gain greater visibility among your followers.

Brands Spend Millions Creating Content – Use It!

Retailers have a sense of the importance in having quality branded content in their local social media feeds. But if the brands you sell don’t have the right platform to effectively distribute content, everyone loses. A one-time connection to ThumbStopper automatically delivers a steady flow of digital content directly to your store’s social feed.
A Few Cups of Coffee a Month

Select a plan that best suits your shop’s needs and budget, customized by the number of brands you sell and pieces of content you want.

Experience 10x Growth

Customers who use ThumbStopper are seeing 50% increases in store traffic and up to 10x customer growth. Sign up and experience the ThumbStopper effect!

100% Hands-Free

Subscribe to an automatic stream of brand-curated content to your social feed with ease – no software or agency necessary.

Choose Your Vertical

7 Out of 10 Customers are Influenced by Social Media.

Download this free PDF on how to properly use social media to get more customers to come to through your doors.

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