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Social Media Marketing for Music Stores

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While marketing on social media has become indispensable for all kinds of retailers, music stores can use it in key ways. Social media provides the ideal medium for music store owners to interact directly with musicians. 

Use your Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels to: 

  • Share high quality images and video of instruments
  • Keep followers informed of promotions and sales
  • Answer questions about your products
  • Allow your customers to share their creativity
  • Showcase your store’s unique culture and role in the community 

The first two usually require the largest investment of time and energy, but are crucial for reaching customers. ThumbStopper takes these two major tasks off of your to do list, while increasing your social following so that the other items on the list make maximum impact.

Amplify Your Content

Amplify Your Content

Social media is largely a numbers game. Algorithms within the platforms decide how much of your content to show and when. Even if you post every day, only 2% of your followers might see your content.

High quality content and images, posted at the right time, can increase your visibility. Automating your posting amplifies your content even more. When you leave social media up to ThumbStopper, you get a consistent content flow. The more people who see your content, the more they will engage with it, which tells the algorithm to show it more frequently, creating a snowball effect.

You can gain tens of thousands of extra impressions, leading to more fans and followers, by partnering with ThumbStopper.

Marketing to Musicians
Music Store Marketing

Marketing to Musicians

Selling instruments and accessories to a musician is much more than a financial transaction. Musicians are a discerning audience, carefully selecting the tools of their trade — or their beloved hobbies — from a retailer they trust. As a music retailer, you have to build relationships with your customers. You succeed by providing them with the instruments they want from the brands they know, along with valuable advice and support.

Like all shoppers, musicians are likely to research a store before visiting it in person, and to engage with retailers through social media on an ongoing basis. Retail social media marketing is your chance to spark conversations, showing musicians that you know your products inside and out, and are ready to make excellent recommendations. You can continue to support them after the sale, answering their questions and turning them into true fans of your business.

Music Store Marketing Strategy

Music Store Marketing Strategy

ThumbStopper is an expert in social media marketing for niche retail industries, including music stores. Follow these four best practices to craft an effective music store marketing strategy:

  1. Set Yourself Apart: Communicate how you offer value in terms of expertise, friendliness, and an overall good experience. 
  2. Be a Subject Matter Expert: Buyers of instruments might be looking for advice. Talk to them about how to improve their skills and how to get the most out of their instruments.
  3. Show Off Your In-Store Experience: Musicians benefit from an immersive experience where they can try different instruments and get a feel for them without pressure. Online and in-person shopping are ever more intertwined, so make sure they complement each other.
  4. Personalize Your Social Media: Use social media to build your brand identity and communicate what makes your store unique. Complete your profile, post regularly, and showcase your business’s personality.
Music Store Marketing Strategy

Take Control of Your Social Media Marketing

Music enthusiasts love it when you make their lives easier. Make yours easier, too, by automatically distributing the right kind of content to the right audience. While you focus on managing your store and providing great customer service, ThumbStopper takes care of the heavy lifting by automating social media content from your music brands.

7 Out of 10 Customers are Influenced by Social Media.

Learn to market your music store and build relationships on social media.

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