Use Your Pocket Full of Influence

Jan 7, 2019

So I read a really cool quote over the weekend in The Millionaire Next Door book. It said that, with the proliferation of smartphones, we carry the influence of others in our pockets, and in our pocketbooks. That’s a strong statement, isn’t it? I never really thought of it that way.

We carry the influence of others through our smartphones. Well if that’s the case, and it is, why aren’t we using that influence correctly, as marketers, to tell the story to those consumers, and influence their buying decisions, through social media?

Which, by the way, that influence that we’re carrying in their smartphones and their pockets and pocketbooks? The average citizen in the U.S. spends over two hours a day on his mobile phone or her mobile phone, and over 50 minutes of those are on Facebook alone.

It’s 2019, if you’re not already there as a company, get there. Get there quickly. Reach out to us at We can help you change the way you are influencing your consumers through digital marketing, like we’re doing for brands all over this country.

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