Top 5 Facebook Page Settings You Need to Setup

As a retailer, you know the power of social media platforms like Facebook. Of course, it can feel like there is so much to do and learn, especially if you’re a local retailer attempting to connect with local customers. 

Luckily, Facebook offers a very robust setup for local retailers, designed to help you attract and engage your local customers. The key is just knowing how to use these settings to the fullest. 

Here, we are sharing a few critical Facebook profile settings that can boost your localized Facebook marketing, so you can connect with even more customers.

1. Visitors Post

The Visitors Post setting on Facebook lets others post on your page’s timeline. In other words, it means more local engagement and interaction with your business. It can also showcase customer support. If someone has a question or concern, you can directly respond to them to address the issue or solve the problem altogether. 

If you have concerns about letting others post whatever they want on your page, you can choose to review posts before they’re published. That way, you ensure nothing inappropriate is being said or posted without your knowledge. 

Pro tip: For transparency, don’t filter out visitor posts that bring up any unfavorable issues. Instead, come up with a plan or solution to address any negative posts head-on so that others can see and experience your dedication to customer service. 

How to activate this setting (as of August 2020): Settings > Visitor Posts > Allow photo and video posts > Review posts by other people before they are published (optional) > Save Changes

2. Tagging Ability

Just like Facebook users can tag your personal photos, they can tag your business page, too. Tagging allows local users and customers to interact and engage with your pages’ photos and videos and get you more recognition. If someone sees their friend tagged in your photos or videos, you get free exposure you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! 

How to activate this Facebook setting (as of August 2020): Settings > General > Tagging Ability > Allow others to tag photos and video published by [my page] > Save Changes

3. Profanity Filter

To uphold an inclusive, professional business profile, you can block users from posting profanity to your page. With the Profanity Filter, you can choose medium or strong. From there, Facebook decides what words to block from their own list of the most commonly reported words and phrases others deem offensive. 

How to activate this Facebook setting (as of August 2020): Settings > Profanity Filter > Medium or Strong > Save Changes

Another option to combat discrimination and hateful or derogatory comments is to activate the Page Moderation setting. This lets you include your own words and phrases that will be blocked in posts and comments to your page. Facebook will flag them as spam and hide them automatically.

How to activate this Facebook setting (as of August 2020): Settings > Page Moderation > [Type in the words you want to block (both singular and plural forms)] > Save Changes

4. Post in Multiple Languages

When you create posts in multiple languages, it shows that your business is inclusive and prioritizes customer experience. It also enhances local marketing strategies, as it speaks directly to customers on their terms. Here’s how it works: When you create a post, users will see it in the language they prefer based on their language settings and where they live. 

How to activate this Facebook setting (as of August 2020): Settings > General > Post in Multiple Languages > Allow people who manage this Page to write posts in multiple languages > Save Changes

The next time you create a post, you can select ‘Write post in another language’ and choose which languages best serve your local audiences.

5. Check-ins

A “check-in” is a Facebook status update that shows where someone is located, like your local retail location! Allowing users to check in to your business page enhances your local presence and provides yet another opportunity for more engagement and exposure. If users see that one of their friends has checked into your business page, they may translate that as a positive encounter or recommendation. As businesses well know, recommendations can also be incredibly powerful. 70% of all US consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family and are four times more likely to make a purchase based on those recommendations.

How to activate this Facebook setting (as of August 2020): About > Edit Page > Check the box next to ‘Has a street address’ > Enter your business address > Check the box next to ‘Customers visit my business at my street address’ > Save Changes

Boost Your Localized Facebook Marketing with ThumbStopper

Changing a few Facebook settings on your business page may not seem like much, but they can end up making a big difference in how you approach localized Facebook marketing. If managing all your brands’ social media content still feels like a lot, ThumbStopper can step in to help. Our powerful automated solutions deliver a steady flow of high-quality content directly into your feeds — to the right audiences and at the right time. As a result, retailers have experienced a 50% increase in in-store traffic and up to 10x customer growth. 

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