The Vertical Recipe

No vertical is too steep a climb for ThumbStopper to amplify your social thumbprint

Understanding an industry is a challenging process. Some industry verticals provide goods and services that would be considered “necessity” goods and services (commodities), while other verticals provide products that would be considered “lifestyle” goods and services. Every niche vertical has its own nuances, and oftentimes we find the culture of the brands in these verticals affect both the development and marketing of those goods and services. Each brand within a vertical is unique unto itself – as are the consumers those brands serve.

ThumbStopper’s® success in connecting brands to their retailers’ digital and social media channels is a “wide net” approach that is influenced by a number of factors including the number of competitive brands, the number of dispensing retailers, consumer market size, consumer market demand, total revenues, average margins, and several other factors which makes up ThumbStopper’s “Vertical Recipe” foundation.

Today, ThumbStopper services over 22,000 retailers in a number of verticals including Auto, Powersports, Marine, Bicycle, Sporting goods, Furniture, Jewelry/Watches, Firearm, and Farm & Garden to name a few. The aggregation and parsing of data from these verticals has established principals that guide our algorithms (our proprietary artificial intelligence), enabling us to confidently assert best practices.

Our software is scalable and based on the premise of being vertically agnostic: through the use of this data aggregated by unique vertical, ThumbStopper enables the retailers that bring that brand to market to most effectively utilize the brand’s digital content and advertising assets. Through automation, segmentation, and our AI, these brand assets are optimally exposed to potential consumers, all done with virtually no effort on the part of the local retailer.

ThumbStopper’s brand playbook enables a brand to deploy content and advertising assets to up to 90% of its retailer network if deployed and endorsed properly within the first 120 days of implementing.

Know Your Vertical

Social media has disrupted traditional advertising models, much like websites did in the early 2000s.

When a consumer Googles a brand, their search will likely bring up both the business’ website and their social media pages.

Sometimes we hear from a brand “we already have a social media presence or a company or agency that handles this for us,” usually they mean just that – they have a corporate presence a little to no influence on how and when their brand is represented socially and digitally at the local level.

Take, for example, the bicycle industry: this is a unique vertical with thousands of passionate retailers who have limited access to the content streams of the brands they sell. Very few retailers have the resources to handle managing a consistent, engaging, high quality social media presence. Through our technology, bicycle shop owners now have a regular, automated flow of brand content fed directly to their Facebook page. These retailers still maintain complete control of modifications, engagements, and reactions their customers may have to or about the product and lifestyle related content posted on their behalf. It’s a win-win for both the retailer and the brand.

With Knowledge Comes Power

By establishing a foundation to amplify their social presence, brands are able to leverage our platform’s data and A.I. to create a brand-to-retailer connection that has not been possible before. Because our platform is “vertically agnostic,” all brands across a vertical are proportionally represented in the most optimal manner on their retailer’s Facebook page.

At the end of the day, ThumbStopper is a utility just like Facebook, Amazon, Google and the Internet itself – we are the conduit connecting brands and retailers. We believe that our vertical recipe lays the foundation for more verticals to leverage the power of social media to amplify their message.

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