Social Media Can Boost Your SEO

Jan 25, 2019

So I just watched a video from my main man Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion. If you guys aren’t following him, make sure you do. Marcus was talking about SEO, and websites – stuff that we don’t necessarily do here at ThumbStopper®. But what really caught my attention was the way that he voiced the importance of content in today’s SEO (search engine optimization). And that lots of content, relevant content, is what’s really driving your search engine optimization.

So, I found it to be kind of a bonus – an added bonus – to what we talk about here at ThumbStopper®, which is:

It’s going to help you amplify your brand. It’s going to help you with your SEO, per Marcus. And it’s going to help you tell your story the way you want your story to be told. So, if you’re at a brand and you’ve got independent retailers or dealers that are responsible for selling and moving and telling your story, get with the program.

Get with social. Make lots of content, and use something like ThumbStopper®’s brand manager to help you distribute that great content out through your dealers’ social media pages, automagically, hands-free, and reach all of those end consumers. One of the nice by products will be: your SEO will go up as well. Have a great day. Let’s do it together in 2019!


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