70% Keeps Popping Up!

May 8, 2019

Do you ever have a number or word that keeps popping up in your daily activity? For me, the number 70 has been on my mind over the past few weeks.

But why? I am seeing it in a variety of statistics like the ones below:

The Buyer Journey Begins Online

More than 70% of a consumer’s buying journey takes place online BEFORE they ever step foot into a retail location.

The potential consumer is spending a lot of time online before ever being introduced to your product by somebody who is trained on selling your product. This is a powerful statistic that should have you, as a brand, thinking of ways to increase your digital marketing game.

Social Media is a Game-Changer

70% of consumers state their buying decisions are influenced by social media!

What are their friends saying about your brand and products? What are their friends saying about their experience in one of your retailers/dealerships? Are people “liking” posts your brand is producing? Are they seeing ads on Social Media that seem to be catered directly to them? Ads that help them make a positive buying decision?

Remember, 70% are influenced by Social Media. That’s crazy!

In a recent survey, 70% of consumers felt that brands who create custom content or lifestyle content and deliver it through Social Media are making a concerted effort to connect with them. Isn’t that what good marketing is all about?

At our core, we are driven to building a customer relationship and, if we do a great job, create a customer for life.

Adoption Rates are Sky High

Here at ThumbStopper, a SaaS digital marketing solution, we see retailer adoption rates at 70% and above.

Brands we work with use ThumbStopper as the conduit to establish the connection to take their brand’s digital assets – video, imagery, UGC, etc. – and connect and distribute them to their independent retailer’s Social Media pages. There, those 70% of consumers who are influenced by Social Media, as we learned earlier in this article, can be influenced positively. Now that’s amplifying a brand’s message!

I hope these statistics help you in whatever you are doing from a marketing perspective!

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