Shift Your Social Media Presence Into High Gear

When we launched ThumbStopper, we had one mission in mind: to connect brands to their retailer’s social media pages the same way they connect to their physical showrooms.

When we on-board brands to our platform, we recommend they get behind our program by paying a percentage of the cost for each retailer who joins the program. This is typically accomplished using co-op funds; advertisements by retailers that include the specific mention of manufacturers who, in turn, repay the retailers for all or part of the advertisement cost.

Cooperative advertising is a cost-effective way for manufacturers, retailers and distributors to share costs and ease the burden in order to better reach their target markets. Through these co-op-funded programs, we’ve added over 10,000 retailers representing brands across multiple verticals. But what if the brands in your vertical don’t operate with co-op funds?

Brands. Retailers. Disconnected.

Take the bicycle industry, for instance. This vertical is unique. With over 7,000 bicycle shops across North America, each carrying multiple brands by different manufacturers, the content being generated by these brands is palpable, but so too is the disconnect. Brands don’t have an easy way to distribute their content to their retailers, and shop owners are too busy running their businesses to maintain a viable social media presence.

A customer in the market bicycle space range from a retail bike for $150 to specialized on-and-off-road equipment that run into the tens of thousands. So just like a bike retailer’s showroom makes that connection, so should the pages of these retailers.

Let’s face it: Creating quality digital content for social media is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to manage. There is a disconnect between brands and their retailers.

The retailer cares about the brands they sell and would love to have brand content on their social media. But who has the time to search for, curate and share content from so many different sources?

Brands Create Content – Leverage It!

Over the past few months, ThumbStopper has conducted extensive research and beta tests into the bicycle vertical. This vertical has proven great initial results and is a lifestyle segment enabling retailers to engage new and existing customers, with content that their brands are already creating.

Enter ThumbStopper.

With our solution, we connect the independent retailers directly. For as low as $39 a month, retailers are provided with a seamless flow of brand content curated specifically for the retailer. Choose the brands you want highlighted on your pages, and we’ll take care of the rest. Ultimately, this same content can be converted to advertising to promote new inventory and attract new customers.

Our track record of connecting retailers to brands across multiple verticals uniquely qualifies ThumbStopper to help local shop owners merchandise their digital inventory where most of their customers are going to engage with it first – via social media.

Our program takes the heavy lifting out of marketing and is hands-free for the retailer. This program benefits the manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Retailers will have a steady flow of high-quality “brand-created” marketing content on their social media pages, and consumers will be empowered with promotions and the latest info on the products and advertising, from the comfort of their home.

Skip the Hard Sell

ThumbStopper was originally built as a scalable pipeline that connects brands to their retail network. With our platform, we are able to create and provide a real value to the retailers so that the next time a customer walks into your store, you may find them more prepared to purchase the products you want them to buy.

Interested in more information about how we’ve helped thousands of our business partners? Visit our website and discover how we can help amplify your social thumbprint.

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