Experience True Network Effects with ThumbStopper.

Custom curated feeds are generated for your content and syndicated directly to the social media feeds of your local retailers.

ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager™ houses your brand’s digital assets and manages their distribution across your entire retail network.

If You Build It, They Don’t Always Come

Brands are often told that they need a place in the cloud to store and manage their digital assets. But they are never told how to distribute their content automatically and at scale.

Don’t Be D.A.M.’d

Storing your digital assets in a dropbox or a retailer portal is a sure fire way to ensure that no one at the local ever benefits the high quality digital content your brand spends millions of dollars to produce.

Giving your retailers access to your content repositories might seem like a reasonable idea, but how does a brand manage this across an entire network of retailers? Most retailers are too busy managing their own business; can you really expect them to have time to manage their social media presence?

Retailers have a sense of the importance in having good branded content in their local social media feeds, but if your brand doesn’t have the right syndication platform to effectively distribute content, everyone loses. Digital Asset Management Systems (D.A.M.S) only solve part of the problem.

ThumbStopper solves this problem, and then some.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Our platform enables brands to upload their digital assets and manage the distribution of their content across their entire retail network. Brands can upload their content themselves or use our platform to automatically aggregate content from their social platforms.

We’ve created a tool that allows brands to manage the content flow of their retail network without having a middle-man at each retailer. Our platform makes it possible to maximize the ROI from the content your brand creates enable a powerful network effect.

ThumbStopper turns the once tedious work of deploying content from an active responsibility into a passive after thought.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

Qualify for a complimentary Brand-To-Local Social Audit to see what percentage of your retailers are connected to your brand on social.