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What do your customers learn about your brand when visiting your retailers’ social media pages?

ThumbStopper is a robust social media marketing platform that gives you full control. We designed ThumbStopper with you in mind, understanding how time consuming and frustrating it can be trying to manage and promote your brand across multiple channels. Our marketing platform connects and empowers brands and retailers, amplifying your content in a way that is automated and consistent. We are the glue that connects your brand, retailers and your target customers.

ThumbStopper is the social marketing platform that keeps content flowing. To get started, simply upload your digital assets, connect to your retailers’ social media pages and we do the rest. Additionally, we offer add-on tools to help with reviews and reputation management, inventory promotion and management, lead tracking and more. Explore the sections to the right or call 866-881-3229 to speak with a representative and put together your custom marketing solution.

Brand Manager

Facebook has over 2 billion active users daily. Our Brand Manager tool ensures that you have an on-brand presence on your retailer’s local social media pages, allowing you to connect with consumers where they already spend their time. Our tool is compatible with most social media channels.

The way your retailers market your brand can impact how consumers feel about you. ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager gives you full control over your content, hashtags and messaging to ensure your marketing is consistent and effective. To use this tool, simply upload your content into the Brand Manager tool, write your post and deploy it on one or several of your retailers’ social media pages with the click of a button. Retailers also have the ability to create their own content and submit it to brands for review before publishing. ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager is the glue that connects brands, retailers and consumers, creating a seamless branding experience.

Reputation & Reviews

How do you currently monitor your brand’s online reputation and information? With ThumbStopper, you have the power to monitor all reviews, business listings and mentions from one dashboard. Sign up for automated alerts whenever new information is found, and receive weekly progress reports.


Proactively solicit positive reviews from your customers, and have the option to personally respond to both positive and negative reviews. ThumbStopper’s reputation management tool is supported by all major review sites, including: Yelp, Google, Facebook, Houzz, Expedia,, Glassdoor and many more.

Business Listings

73% of consumers lose trust in brands due to inaccurate business listings. Is your business information listed correctly, and posted everywhere it needs to be?

ThumbStopper works to increase the accuracy and frequency of your company’s listing. There are over 300 places where you can be listed, including most GPS navigational systems. ThumbStopper ensures you’re everywhere you need to be.

Our program provides you with a listing score, and offers suggestions for improvements to bring a low rating up to the highest score possible.

Digital Advertising

An $80 billion shift is happening now, with marketing dollars being pulled from traditional marketing platforms and poured into social media marketing. Why? Because it works. This is the Golden Age of Facebook marketing – don’t miss it!

Your brand creates amazing content. ThumbStopper deploys your content on a local level at the click of a button. The average person spends at least an hour a day on Facebook alone. ThumbStopper automates Facebook advertising campaigns through retailer’s local social media channels to engage your audience where they already spend time each and every day.

Our built in audience targeting system allows you to reach your ideal customers, based on location, interests and behaviors. With ThumbStopper, you can be sure your content is reaching the right people at the ideal time.

Engaging your target customers on a local level provides new opportunities to generate leads, promote inventory retargeting ads, showcase services and offer finance specials. All campaigns are tracked in your digital dashboard, ensuring transparency and providing the keys for success.

Leads Manager

What would it mean for you if you could not only promote your content on multiple local retailer social media channels at the click of a button, but also track all leads from one easy to manage dashboard?

Brands that use ThumbStopper track all phone calls, web traffic and form fills generated as a result of specific campaigns. This allows brands to track effectiveness of specific advertisements on specific platforms.

Once a user clicks on an ad, he or she is directed to a custom made landing page, featuring product inventory and ways for the consumer to get in touch.

ThumbStopper makes it easy to connect directly with consumers. Our SMS service allows customers to text questions after ours. Our clients have actually seen an increase in lead volume by an average of 30% as a result of utilizing our SMS tool. Customers also have the option to email businesses directly from an advertisement. It has never been easier to engage with your customers.

Inventory Manager

With our Inventory Manager tool, brands and retailers are able to curate, modify, share and sell inventory across social media sites and classified online channels, including Craigslist, eBay and more.

ThumbStopper’s suite of classified, social media, video marketing and other software apps and services can each be deployed one at a time or in parallel with one another through multiple local retailer channels. Each campaign is custom created to fit your budget, digital strategy and company goals. When you have inventory to move, just plug it into ThumbStopper, click and watch the leads come in.

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