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ThumbStopper’s machine learning algorithms ensure your brand’s content is in the right place at the right time – all the time.

Artificial intelligence is the backbone of ThumbStopper’s segmentation engine, enabling brands to deploy content that fits the needs of their retailers.

One of These Retailers Is Not like the Other

Not all retailers are alike. As a brand, physical product lines are often diversified, serving different markets and even different types of retailers. Location, climate, regional regulations and other factors determine where your products need be. The same segmentation applies to your digital content as well.

But how can you manage the content flow to hundreds, if not thousands of retailers that sell your inventory? It’s difficult, if not impossible, to effectively segment your digital content across a wide network of diversified retailers.

Built with Efficiency in Mind

ThumbStopper’s artificial intelligence makes connections between brands and retailers, ensuring that the right content is always deployed to the right dealer at the right time.

These connections are made possible through intelligent tagging performed by brands during the onboarding to our platform. Retailers are provided with a set of categories to help segment their inventories which, in turn, helps the system learn how to personalize and tailor their feeds.

Everything in It’s Right Place

No matter the condition, ThumbStopper’s multi-tier segmentation enables brands to create granular-level segments to filter their content.

Brands can segment their digital content based on regions, product types, sales structure and other taxonomies to start. No matter the size of your retail network, our platform’s connections make sure relevant content is deployed to the appropriate dealer.

How Big Is Your Brand-To-Local Social Divide?

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