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Social Media Automation for Furniture Stores

Social media automation can power your furniture store’s ability to reach casual browsers to serious shoppers in your local area and turn them into customers.

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Reaching Furniture Shoppers Where They Are

As a furniture retailer, what are your biggest marketing challenges? Maybe you struggle to keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape or lack the resources to maintain a robust marketing strategy. On the other hand, maybe you’re producing and distributing a lot of content but not getting the results you want. It could be that you’re missing the mark on messaging or relying on the wrong digital channels. Your message is getting out there, but it’s not bringing in customers. Without a dedicated marketing staff, you may struggle to find the time for marketing.
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What Makes a Great Furniture Store Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy needs to combine the right elements, in the right places, aimed at the right audiences. No single marketing tactic will bring you all the furniture shoppers you want to see. A cross-channel digital strategy is the more effective route.

Find the right mix of traditional marketing tactics, like television, print and point-of-sale, with digital tactics like email, pay-per-click and social media.

Furniture shoppers want:

  • Great visuals from many angles
  • Product specifications
  • Answers to their specific questions
  • The ability to visualize a piece of furniture in their home

Social media can accomplish all of the above and more.

Furniture Free Trial
Furniture Free Trial

Social Media Marketing for Furniture

Social media offers a wide variety of methods for reaching different audiences to drive in-person and online traffic. It has to be part of your marketing mix. Social media can both attract traffic to your e-commerce website and attract in-person traffic to your store. In addition, it can build your brand’s reputation, increase customer loyalty by expressing your brand values, and allow your customers to become ambassadors for your store.

Follow these best practices for promoting your furniture store on social media:

  • Position your products consistently with how the furniture makers position them
  • Promote product features and timely promotions relevant to your local audience
  • Maintain a steady, strategic flow of content to your channels
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    The Power of Automation

    One way to save time and get the most out of social media is through automation. Automated Facebook posting for furniture retailers ensures a reliable supply of quality content in your Facebook feed.

    Visuals and promotions from furniture brands you sell in your store can be directly posted to your social media feed, strategically timed to reach the largest possible portion of your target audience. You get the benefits of:

    • Scheduling
    • Automation
    • Consistent management
    • High-quality content

    Shift your social media marketing into high gear with ThumbStopper’s automation platform.

    Furniture Free Trial
    Furniture Free Trial

    Take Control of Your Social Media Marketing

    Furniture shoppers love it when you make their lives easier. Make yours easier, too, by automatically distributing the right kind of content to the right audience. While you focus on managing your store and providing great customer service, ThumbStopper takes care of the heavy lifting by automating social media content from your furniture brands.

    7 Out of 10 Customers are Influenced by Social Media.

    Learn to market your furniture store and build relationships on social media.

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