White Glove Onboarding Process Explained

With ThumbStopper, your brand and your retail network are not just another customer. We pride ourselves in providing white glove service and expedited onboarding from your first day. So what does white glove service mean? Let’s walk you through what to expect as you begin your onboarding journey with ThumbStopper.

Step 1: Brand Manager Set Up

Your first step as a new brand on our platform is a one-on-one consultation with one of our seasoned account managers on how we will best organize your brand’s instance of Thumbstopper’s Brand Manager software. We’ll walk you through how to set up your brand’s business rules in our system so that your retailers are receiving the right content for their social pages. We’ll walk you through how we’re going to segment your retailers based on language, location, brands carried and products sold. We’ll also ensure connections to your social media are in place, so all uploaded content is automatically fed into your pending content approval bucket. From there, we’ll explain the best practices around customizing content for your retailers with our dynamic fields, so no two pieces of content are the same.

Step 2: Program Details

Next, we’ll work through the launch details with your marketing team. All new brand clients on our platform receive customized, branded marketing collateral to support their new white-labeled launch of organic social syndication to their retailer network. From small details like the email address your retailers can reach out to for help, we ensure every interaction is white-labeled for your brand to your retailers. Our proven process will help ensure you maximize retailer adoption. Included in this launch campaign development is a custom program name that fits your brand, a three part educational and promotional email series, a custom webinar to introduce the program to your sales team and retailers, a custom landing page for simple retailer enrollment, and a one-pager that explains the program details and benefits.

Step 3: Program Launch

Once all of your program details are in place, it’s time to launch your solution! All we’ll need from your team is a list of your internal team members that work directly with your retailers and a list of the retailers you’d like us to reach out to for enrollment. In the meantime, we’ll be scheduling that webinar with your sales team & launching the promotional email series we previously mentioned.

Step 4: Outbound Enrollment

Now the real magic happens: our team of Account Growth Managers–based out of our headquarters in Tampa, Florida–will begin to reach out to your retailers one-by-one to give your retailers the time and personalized attention they need to understand the program details, explain how it will benefit their business, and enroll your retailers that might need that extra helping hand. Our AGMs are trained on your brand program details and interact with your retailers as an extension of your brand team. They talk to retailers like yours all day and are ready with simple answers to what can be big concerns or complex questions, so your retailers feel comfortable with what they’re signing up for. As your retailers enroll, they’ll let us know their specific details about your brand: what language they prefer, what region they’re in, and which products of yours that they want social content for.

Step 5 and Beyond: Connecting your Retailers)

After your retailers complete their enrollment, they are automatically added into our Brand Manager platform. They immediately receive a next steps email, which lets them know to expect a token request from your brand’s team at ThumbStopper. Our simple Token Request Wizard and our in-house team of support specialists make what can be a complicated process easy for your retailers. In fact, that’s why brands that enroll wit ThumbStopper experience an 80% adoption and connection rate within the first 90 days! Once the connection to their social page is complete, your brand’s content will begin flowing to your retailers. As you can see, we take white glove servicE seriously. From custom branding, emails, and enrollment pages to our team of outbound specialists, we know that it takes more to make a brand’s program successful than just the software. At ThumbStopper, your brand and your retailers are not just users, you are all our clients, and we take pride in ensuring everyone is educated and comfortable in what to expect as you begin your social syndication journey together To learn more about how we’re elevating social syndication with unparalleled customer service, visit Thumbstopper.com.

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