Where to Find Engaging Product Content for Giant Bikes

Giant Manufacturing is recognized as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. So, if you’re carrying Giant products in your store, trust me when I say there’s plenty of high-quality multimedia out there for you to share with your social media followers. You just have to know where to look. 

Today, I’m going to show you how to find beautiful Giant bicycle pictures & videos and where you can go to constantly look to find more content for your ever-expanding social media audience. 

The first place you should be looking for eye-catching Giant multimedia is the official sources. Giant Manufacturing has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages. All of which are brimming with beautiful photography, videography, testimonials, you name it! Just check out this live-action video on their Facebook page highlighting the Giant Recon bike lights. It’s high quality, engaging, and features a product you could potentially have in your inventory. You can easily share this to your page in the click of a few buttons.  

As you probably know, sharing on platforms like Facebook & Instagram is intuitive and automatically credits the page it came from. But YouTube is a bit different, as a majority of the content will be medium to long form and shared via link. Look at this commercial for the 2021 line of STP bicycles. We can easily grab the link, bring it over to Facebook and build an entire post around it; with a call-to-action that leads to your storefront. A little time consuming, but not too bad, right? 

All these official pages appear to be well kept and constantly updated with digital content I would be syndicating to my page. But we can go even further than the official sources. The bike community is huge and full of self-starters making bicycle content for the internet. Let’s head over to YouTube and look up a review of the 2021 TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc. Here we are, let’s look at this. David Arthur’s Just Ride Bikes YouTube channel is quite impressive and features a lot of fantastic bicycle content. Including our favorite brand. This is the sort of thing you should be looking out for. As your customers, being bike lovers, are most likely actively looking for this content right now. 

This might even be good inspiration for the kind of content you can create in shop if you have the time, dedication and a few iPhones laying around. 

Let’s switch over to Instagram and search by hashtag, #giantbikes seems to outperform #giantbicycles so let’s start there. Just as I expected, a metric-ton of user generated content all featuring Giant Manufacturing products. See anything you recognize for your inventory? This can be shared to your story, or screenshotted for later, just make sure to tag the initial user and give the credits in the body of your post. 

Here’s a few other hashtags for Giant products and similar companies that you can both search by and use in your post. 

You can quickly see how all these different platforms bring unique qualities to your social media pages. But you can’t deny that the process of building your own curated content library is time consuming and tedious at best. Which is why I want to introduce you to Thumbstopper. A supplemental solution that automates the process of posting beautiful social media content of the bike brands you already carry. It’s as simple as filtering out the brands you don’t have and scheduling your posts to go live across multiple platforms. Yep, that easy. Interested in learning more about how Thumbstopper can concentrate on the heavy lifting of your social media, while your team focuses on the fun stuff? Visit Thumbstopper.com. 

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