What is Localized Social Media Marketing and Why Do You Need it?

Your brand is on social media and you’re doing well. All your pages are getting likes through both paid & organic content, but you’ve seemed to hit a bit of a plateau. Luckily, there’s a cost effective & easy-to-implement trick to reinforce your content strategy at the local level. What is Localized Social Media Marketing? I’m going to define the term for you and run you through a few ways it can amplify your social media presence.

Localized Social Media Marketing is a form of channel marketing that influences consumer purchases at the local level and is defined by the Local Search Association as “marketing efforts that focus on building a local presence for a business, leveraging locally driven communication channels to reach the specific local communities they serve.”

This is an accurate and comprehensive definition.

In other words, if you’re a brand with products in retailers across the country. You most likely have a social media following. But so do all of your retailers. Why stop at posting on your page when you can have your brand’s digital media content on all the pages where local retailers have a unique and personable relationship with their audience? In some cases, you can easily increase your reach up to 400% if not more by properly syndicating your media through these existing channels.

A localized social marketing strategy can give your brand an opportunity to influence the buyer’s journey for target consumers who can’t physically interact with your local retailers, while driving greater awareness to your brand through your retail network. This in turn can increase brand awareness, build a positive reputation among your retail network, and generate brand loyalty from everybody involved.

As a brand, the ideal situation is to have an online portal where retailers can log-in to find handcrafted pictures and videos of your product.

But what’s the point if you’re failing to provide your retailers with a convenient & easy-to-use platform for finding brand approved content and scheduling posts? From corporate retail chains to small storefronts across the world, your retail network is comprised of busy people with different degrees of technical prowess.

Look at it like this, when studying a brand with a run-of-the-mill marketing library. We found that only 11% of the brand’s 12,000 dealers only signed in during the 2019 fiscal year. Repeat log-ins dropped to 3.5%. It’s clear that when delivered through traditional means, very few dealers will take the initiative to go get content for themselves, even when its readily available to them.

Here at Thumbstopper, we partner with brands around the world to automate & simplify the process of providing retailers of all sizes with high quality, brand curated content. So brands and retailers alike can trade busy work for business value.

Find out how we can do the heavy-lifting for you. Visit Thumbstopper.com. That’s Thumbstopper.com.

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