Don’t Have Foot Traffic Right Now? Why You Should Use Zoom for Your Store

VP of Business Development and Sales Guru Branden Elwell explains why you should think about using video conferencing to supplement your in-store traffic.

Many retailers that rely on foot traffic for sales are in a difficult position right now. Whether local regulations or other considerations have caused your business to lose valuable in-store customers, Branden breaks down alternative technology solutions like Zoom that are free and easy to implement to keep meeting your consumers face-to-face even if you can’t meet them in your store.

Today, in this video, I’m going to talk you through a couple of ways that you can really get the most out of technology that’s readily available to you, and leverage video to bridge a gap between the in-person conversations that we know are so important.

But right now, unfortunately, guys, we’re just not able to have them. You know, we can’t get into a house as we used to or into the home for a consultation. We can’t host our guests on our properties like we used to, and we wish we could. And what’s beautiful, at least out of this situation, is that if this had taken place before, when we didn’t have all this technology readily available to us like this, we would really be struggling to connect with customers.

But right now, we can leverage video, the video capabilities that we carry around with us, and we can use a couple of different pieces of technology to really connect with our consumer. So I want to touch on a couple of those.

First, is video conferencing or video chatting, right? I’m talking about the Zooms, the Facebook rooms, the Googles, etc, of the world where you can leverage the camera, the video capability, to have a conversation with a prospect and really make a connection.

You know, research shows that in a conversation, only 7% of what is perceived is the actual words that are being said, which means there’s 93% of the conversation that is left up to the tone of voice and of course, reading body language. Well, without video and without the ability to have this video connection, you wouldn’t be able to read the 93% piece. So, leverage video conferencing, Zooms, etc. and you turn your camera on when you’re talking to one of your customers and watch what happens they’ll turn theirs on as well.

The other thing is just video in and of itself. Don’t reside on just, or rely on just, stock images anymore, guys, for our products that we carry. Get your phone out and you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg, you don’t have to create Jurassic park here, go and shoot some videos, take some still images and splice them together. Use the technology you have in your hand to better connect with your consumer. Because keep in mind guys, they can’t walk in and learn about that piece of that product right now. So, bring it to them into their home.

I hope this was helpful. If you want to know how to really make this happen, check out the video that you’re going to see a link to right above me. Also, it’s always a pleasure to get in front of you. I hope these videos are helping. Please visit as frequently as you can because we’re going to be putting out some great information like this on a very periodic basis and we hope we can be a help for you.


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