Channel Marketing: The Brand-to-Local Social Audit

Learn more about the Brand-to-Local Social Audit by ThumbStopper and what it can do for your channel marketing strategy

Your retailers are on social media, but are they talking about your brand?

You’ve built a strong library of digital content that represents your brand and now you want to make sure it’s being seen. Explore the possibilities of reaching your retailers’ entire social media following with the ThumbStopper® Brand-to-Local Social Audit.

You’ve cultivated a large following on social media, but have you considered that your retailers have done the same? While an individual retailer likely doesn’t have a following size that competes with your own, 10’s, 100’s, or1,000’s of retailers can truly amplify your brand’s message.

The Audit is an all-encompassing analysis built to provide meaningful insights about your brand’s social media thumbprint across your retail network and what you can gain by amplifying it. The audit is complimentary and built to empower you with the data you need to formulate a successful social media strategy that involves all your retailers.

If your brand doesn’t have the right syndication techniques to effectively distribute content at the local level, you’re missing out on valuable digital shelf space.

Learn more about your Brand’s true social media potential, your retail networks’ social sophistication, and see if you qualify for the Brand-to-Local Social Audit.


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