How to Localize Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Your brand’s target demographic stretches across the entire country. Maybe, the world. So you only need to target them at that scale, right? 

Wrong! Connecting with as many new customers as possible with a wide net is important, but you can follow those potential customers even further with a localized social media strategy that reinforces their purchasing decision when they’re going about their daily life. 

Thankfully, a lot of social media platforms have tools that allow you to tailor content to local communities. And outside of those tools, third party apps automate the process of syndicating your digital media content to your retailers so they can amplify your brand’s message for you.  

But let’s start with the basics. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and most other social platforms allow you to tailor the audience that receives your paid advertisements based on location. In other words, If you’re interested in localizing your social media content manually… you can. Take a single piece of content and make minor changes to it to resonate to specific audiences. You can do this to both the media itself and the post details surrounding it depending on the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate. Then follow up in the demographic details and make sure the places your ad is getting served matches the details in your post. 

The benefit of localizing your content manually like I’ve explained is that you have the most control over your posts and who sees it. But you’re limited in two distinct ways. First off, the content is only on your page when it could be used by your entire network of partners and retailers. So you’re restricted in terms of reach. Secondly, handcrafting multiple variations of a single post takes a lot of time. Time that you may not have if you’re busy managing a fast-pace marketing strategy. 

Let’s try to tackle those two limitations. Starting with reach. Just like we discussed when we were tailoring content, you can also go about the process of sending your content out to your retail network manually. All you need to do is a build a content library and have a centralized location so others can come and access your brand-curated assets at their leisure. Dropbox, Google Drive and other commonly utilized storage solutions work well for this. You’re just a blast email away from giving every retailer in your contact list access to every picture or video they’ll ever need of your product. 

But as you’d expect. This completely neglects the second limitation that we mentioned before. Your time. Manually building a huge library of eye-catching multi-media content takes time! And making sure every retailer has access to it can be a headache, especially if you’re communicating via phone tag. 

That’s where Thumbstopper, comes in. Sure, it’s possible to execute a localized social media strategy manually. But it’s time consuming and full of pitfalls. Thumbstopper is an easy-to-use tool that allows your retailers to access a library of brand-curated content and schedule posts to go live across multiple platforms, all in one place. On-boarding is simple, and allows even the most tech-inept to find beautiful high quality media of your brand and schedule dozens of posts in a matter of minutes! Suddenly your reach went from just your page, to hundreds of pages across your entire network. And you didn’t have to do a thing. Interested in learning more about how Thumbstopper can do the heavy lifting for you? Visit 

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