How to Create Unique Content for Your Dealership Search

Dealers, you’re quite literally in the best position to start producing eye-catching social media content that your target audience genuinely wants to be looking at. You already know your product speaks for itself. Your goal with social media should be to celebrate the culture & local community that surrounds your industry with the tools that are already sitting in your showroom. Here are a few tips on how you can organically grow your social media presence with unique content.

Let’s start at the top, the people that come into your dealership are doing so because they’re excited about your products. Leverage that inventory and make your stock the star of the show. Not just sitting idly in the corner but doing what it does best. Your staff Is likely comprised of experts that would love to show off what your stock can do. Have fun! Just like your consumers are. Just make sure someone is on-hand and ready to take the perfect picture.

And speaking of the perfect picture… Whether you decide to post photos or videos, make sure they’re high quality. Show your merchandise looking its best. Grainy, pixelated photos with poor lighting miss important details and capture color inaccurately. We all have smartphones in our pockets that are capable of producing professional results. When taking a photo, make sure both the product and your showroom are well-lit from the appropriate angle. Try to avoid turning your product into a silhouette at all costs!

Your dealership’s target audience has something else in common too, they’re local. These are your neighbors, if exciting events are happening in your area, be there and take as many pictures as possible. Consider even hosting events yourself to engage your audience both on and off social media. 82% of consumers prefer to shop at local businesses, and nearly half of those want to increase how much they do so. Do everything in your power to make sure they know you’re the local destination for your merchandise.

And there’s one last thing we touched on earlier that’s worth highlighting, your staff. Not only are they the face of your company, but odds are, they have something to say about your product. Ask around and see if the best informed are willing to participate in your social media content. The same goes for your customers too. If someone’s walking out the door with a shiny new product, capture the moment, they most likely have something to say. Keep an eye out for furry friends too! Your golden retriever might be the perfect local celebrity to celebrate your business.

As long as you follow these guidelines you’ll be well-equipped to post unique content for your dealership, but even then, it might be hard to post multiple times a day. Instead of creating, curating, and sharing content all day long, let an expert deploy that content for you. ThumbStopper works with retailers across industries to create a steady flow of distributed content. To learn more, visit

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