How to Communicate Social Organic ROI to Executive Leadership

Measuring ROI on paid social media content is as easy as glancing at an insights page, but determining the effectiveness of your organic content is inherently difficult. More so, concisely communicating the benefits of your organic content efforts to executive leadership can be a daunting task. You know that organic content supports brand awareness efforts, reinforces your existing audience’s interest, and serves as the bulk of your brand’s social media identity, tying your brand to the lifestyle your audience aspires to live.

To accurately comprehend your ROI you need to look at the bigger picture and assess the complete health of your social media. For a given time period, compare the cost of production to impressions, follower increases, percentage of clicks, website clicks & conversions. By comparing times when you’re very actively promoting a particular product on social media to either before it launched or quieter times, you can quickly cross reference your website and sales data from the same period to see if there’s any correlation.

Besides, it’s very unlikely the last click is what ultimately led to a consumer’s conversion every single time. A whole journey of content viewing lead to that eventual decision. This is why looking at different attribution models are so important: they help you see a full picture of what online and offline properties you manage help a prospect convert! By giving credit to all of the touchpoints that a consumer had with your brand before buying–not just the last one–you see the whole journey your customer took and can more accurately assess each channel contributor’s ROI. 

Now that you have an idea of what your organic social content costs and contributes to revenue, it’s time to up the ROI.

That’s where Thumbstopper comes in: sure, your brand has a successful social media page, but so do all of your retailers! If the same content you’re putting money & time into for your brand’s page was syndicated to all of your retailers, you’re exponentially increasing your reach and amplifying the benefits of your organic content… your content ROI explodes with the reach you get through millions of more impressions. Find out how you can automate the process of syndicating content to your entire retail network’s social feeds. Visit

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