GIE+Expo: Major Outdoor Power Companies are Embracing Marketing Automation

ThumbStopper’s Branden Elwell reports back from the Green Industry Expo about outdoor power equipment brands and their focus on automating marketing solutions for their dealers.

Hi guys, coming to you today from the GIE+Expo out in Louisville, Kentucky, and this is out in the demo area of the trade show. And man, is this impressive. Look at all of these amazing companies and this awesome equipment at work in one place.

Do you know what I see when I look at this? I see the opportunity. What I mean by that is, a tremendous opportunity for all of these brands to tell their message appropriately across social media, and to do it through an automated solution out through their dealers’ social media pages.

If you haven’t already jumped on board, it’s time to get moving. Reach out to us here at ThumbStopper. We’ll show you how we’re doing it for brands like these and many more across the country.


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