Does Your Brand Get It?

Hello, I’m Matthew Brown, President and CEO of ThumbStopper.

I’m amazed by the number of brands that have chosen ThumbStopper as the solution to connect to the retailer social media pages, I’m more amazed by the results they’re getting by using our program, the impressions, the clicks, the custom quarterly reports, and what that’s telling the brands about the amount of exposure and engagement that they’re getting.

But what I’m most amazed about are the brands that just don’t get it. We often hear when we talk to these brands, “we don’t want another piece of software to learn,” “we don’t want to burden our retailers with new processes,” “we already have an agency of record that handles social media for us.”

So while some of these brands choose to sit on those sidelines, I want them to hear this: at ThumbStopper, we’ve backed into a program. Whether you’re connecting hundreds or even thousands of your local retailer social media pages, we built this to scale. The on-boarding and operational procedures are simple and seamless for the retailer. And just is important, it’s easy for the brand to use.

You’ve already invested considerable amounts of time and capital, creating the content digital assets to create awareness for your brand. ThumbStopper is the pipeline through which your brand’s content flows across your entire retail network. So drop us a line at and give us just five minutes to determine if ThumbStopper is right for your brand.

Thank you.


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