5 Reasons Why You Need Brand Content on Your Social Media Page

If your social media page is a part of a larger industry or genre of entertainment, then you can exponentially increase your reach by posting brand-focused content on your business’s social page. This applies to hundreds of industries. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need Brand Content on Your Social Media Page. 

Reason #1

Search Engine Optimization. If you go to a site like Google Trends, or third-party keyword research tools like BuzzSumo, you will quickly find that the top searched keywords on any given day tend to be nouns: typically, names, businesses, places, and products. Anecdotally this makes sense as well. If Elon Musk makes a crazy tweet about Cybertrucks, the keywords “Elon Musk” and “Cybertruck” will be searched by hundreds of thousands of people trying to stay in the loop. If Microsoft announces a new Xbox, everyone is going to search “Xbox” to find the new trailer or leaks about the product. Creating content focused on the brands you sell is a surefire way to get organic eyeballs, especially when the brand in question is in the headlines. 

Reason #2

Instant brand recognition. Let’s face it, large international brand names carry weight. If you’re a new player, or a small to mid-size business in the world, the inclusion of high-quality brand content can validate your business in the eyes of your target audience. Car dealerships know this: most consumers already have an affinity with a brand and find dealerships in their area based on the brand search terms. Being able to put Toyota or Ford in big bold letters on the front of a building goes a long way in providing credibility; the same goes for social media. 

Reason #3

Joining the community. From beauty products to motorboats, there are online communities that are extremely passionate about brands. They are on subreddits and Facebook community groups, just waiting for high-quality brand content to comment on and share. You can tap into these communities to find like-minded individuals and invite them to follow your page. Collaborate with complementary retailers, and make sure the content you’re posting to these enthusiast groups is genuine. A charismatic personality and a lot of knowledge about beloved brands goes a long way.  

5 Reasons Why You Need Brand Content on Your Social Media Page

As we get to the end of the list, I’m going to be referencing a few benefits that really help your business’s social media pages as they evolve and change over time. Like Reason #4, maintaining consistency, over time and across your social media platforms. Your primary goal should be to make people know you’re the home of their favorite brand or industry. If you’re a bike shop, for instance, sharing local rides, meetups, memes, and the latest brand content should be top-of-mind. Just make sure your content matches with the most current logos & product names. After months of posting strategically consistent high-quality brand content, you can very quickly be one of the top results for a certain string of brand-related keywords. The only real way to ensure it will happen is to keep up and stay consistent. 

It’s time to finish up with Reason #5

An unexpected and exciting side-effect–building a relationship with the brands you’re posting. Just like you’re managing your social media page, there’s someone managing the social media of the world’s largest brands. If you’ve successfully pulled off creating a community around one of these brands, they will most likely notice, especially if you’re tagging them and driving sales. If making unexpected business connections on social media isn’t a satisfying reward, I don’t know what is! 

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