Self-Propelled Social Content Cultivates Outdoor Equipment Sales

Over half (51%) of US consumers say that the pandemic lockdown and subsequent work-from-home video calls have motivated and inspired consumers to improve their living environment. The trend is likely to continue as the pandemic continues, prompting Outdoor Power Equipment sales to spike this summer and beyond. 

As an OPE dealer, Josh Watson, Sales Manager for Wildwood Mower & Saw in Wildwood, FL, knows his customers and knows that staying top-of-mind is important and that social media is playing an ever increasing role in increasing his dealership’s sales. While not all of Josh’s customers are avid social media users, he understands that if Wildwood Mower & Saw is going to stay relevant for his area’s next generation of homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, he needs a strong and consistent social presence. 

In 2018, Josh enrolled in a brand-sponsored social media syndication program through OPE brand Echo, and recently added Toro and Husqvarna programs through ThumbStopper to help build Wildwood Mower & Saw’s social presence even further. While Josh still posts about events or customer reviews  that are unique to his dealership, he leverages ThumbStopper for the heavy lifting when it comes to nurturing customers with a continuous drip of relevant content. 

ThumbStopper’s proprietary platform curates and schedules manufacturer content to dealers’ social media pages. This means that Wildwood Mower & Saw automatically posts throughout the week with content from the brands he sells, including Toro, Husqvarna, and Echo. Because Josh’s brands are curating the content, he is assured that his business page will only get content for the products he actually sells in his store. 

The ThumbStopper team recently took time to catch up with Josh, and he was happy to elaborate on some of the benefits that his dealership has been enjoying.

Quality Brand Content

Josh is a seasoned professional and is well aware that in order to reap the benefits of social media, he needs a steady stream of quality content published to his business’s page at least a couple times a week. He understands that brands spend a lot of time and money to produce high-quality content to capture the interest of potential customers, so he trusts that the content scheduled through ThumbStopper was carefully crafted by his brands to promote the products specific to Wildwood Mower & Saws.

Cultivating a Reputation of Reliability for His Dealership

Dealerships are beginning to view social platforms like Facebook as an extension of their physical store. Much like a brick-and-mortar, “digital floor space” should be kept well-stocked. Several times a week, brands like Husqvarna use ThumbStopper’s software to automatically post fresh content to Wildwood Mower & Saw’s social pages, making sure their social feed is well-supplied with great posts. Although Josh maintains control of Wildwood’s Facebook page, he can rest assured that ThumbStopper’s artificial intelligence is distributing content to optimize exposure. Any potential customers that land on Wildwood Mower & Saw’s Facebook or Instagram page will encounter a well-stocked collection of posts featuring a variety of products that can be found in their physical store. This automated stream of high-quality content means that Josh can spend more time with business-specific efforts like promoting special events or sharing customer testimonials.

“One Less Step” in His Daily Routine

According to Josh, ThumbStopper’s service has been “very satisfying. It’s one less step in my daily routine and one less thing I have to remember to do.” 

Automated content means that he no longer needs to remember or work to produce quality material on a consistent basis. In addition to freeing up his schedule, he has now built up a long history of content that potential customers view as a sign of reputation for a quality dealer.

Check Out ThumbStopper for Yourself

If you would like to learn more about how ThumbStopper can automatically post high-quality content to your social media, check out the business types we serve.

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