Can Your Brand’s Digital Asset Management Do This?

A DAM, or Digital Asset Management tool, is vital for large brands to ensure brand integrity. DAMs organize content in a meaningful way and allow assets to be utilized by corporate teams as well as regional distributors and local retailers. There are a plethora of dealer portal or dealer library solutions that accomplish some or part of the goals of the brand: to ensure local retailers have access to the most up-to-date marketing assets for their own use.

But if your marketing library is reliant on local retailers remembering login credentials, visiting your library, and finding content that is germane to the products they sell, you may be seeing lackluster results in your content syndication goals.

If you’re a marketing manager or marketing director in charge of ensuring your dealer or retailer base is utilizing brand assets that you create, this flowchart is for you.

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Can Your Brand's Digital Asset Management Do This?

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