YOU are a Brandgelist for your Company

Dec 24, 2018

So here’s an important message that I tell every member of the ThumbStopper team here in Tampa. Everybody in our company is an evangelist for the company. A lot of people in the company – developers, marketers, accounting, executives, HR – they just don’t believe that they’re sales people, right? They don’t want that connotation about them. Well I am a salesperson. But, every one of them is an evangelist for our company, and has the ability to spread the good news about what we’re doing for every brand across the country.

Well, guest what? Every employee in your organization has that same opportunity, and should be an evangelist for your brand. When you’re posting stuff, when you’re making social commentary and putting things out there, encourage everyone in the organization to get behind it, share it, like it comment on it. You know what happens. That spiderweb begins to grow, and the number of people that you reach, you touch and the amplification of your voice gets that much louder.

So, take that as a charge for 2019. Get your people involved. ALL of your people involved. Stop them from doing their smoke breaks, like you see behind me right now, and get them to repost what you’re doing and to share what you’re doing. Have a great 2019, and reach out to us here at We can help your brand amplify your message. We’re doing it for tons of people across the country, probably some of your competitors. Looks us up!


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