See How ThumbStopper Stacks Up Against Top Competitors

Nov 3, 2020

Overseeing marketing and branding is a major responsibility, and you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to work smarter. The more efficient your marketing and branding efforts, the more time you can spend tracking results and demonstrating ROI to your top leadership.

Seeking the right social media automation solutions to support your work takes time in itself; you don’t have hours to spend researching platforms. Instead, allow us to provide a quick introduction to ThumbStopper and compare it against two well known platforms for multi-location marketers.

Soon, you could be increasing the reach and engagement of your social media marketing in the local markets you value most.

3 Differences Between ThumbStopper and Top Competitors

ThumbStopper enables you to promote your high-quality, branded content on your retailers’ social media pages. Our Brand ManagerTM platform distributes organic content while Brand AmplifierTM focuses on paid social advertising. Here, we will look at how these solutions compare with others in the market.

See How ThumbStopper Stacks Up Against Top Competitors

Get Started With ThumbStopper

If you’re ready to streamline your social media marketing efforts, choose a platform that makes content distribution as simple as possible. When you compare social automation tools for brands, we think you’ll find that ThumbStopper’s platforms provide exactly what you need. Request a ThumbStopper demo today and get ready

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