ThumbStopper 2019 Year in Review

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Blog

Capping off 2019 with some highlights over the past year

2019 has been a busy year for the ThumbStopper family!

Over the past year, we’ve spent each day building upon our technologies to be better partners for our customers. By expanding our staff, incorporating new features into our brand manager and much more, we’ve evolved into a full-service digital marketing solution for brands and retailers.

As we enter the new year, we want to give a special thanks to all of the partners who have been with us along the way. To cap off 2019, here are five highlights from our eventful year:

Brands. Retailers. Connected

We’ve made sure that connecting to ThumbStopper is seamless for brands and retailers. This year, we added over 3,000 retailers across 20 new brands in the Automotive, Watercraft, Firearm, Farm & Garden and Retail verticals.

Afternoons are for Your Content

Over 455,000 pieces of content were published by our partners in 2019 using ThumbStopper’s Brand ManagerTM ! Among those numbers, we found that 94% of the content pushed out was published during the afternoon. 

Adoption Rates are Skyrocketing

We go above and beyond to ensure brands are fully on-board our platform within 30 to 45 days – from contract signing to content deployment. From there, we work with our partners to ensure a brand’s retail network maximizes its adoption rate on our platform.

This year, our staff successfully maintained an 84.6% on-board rate across all our brands within the first 90 days!

Engagement is at an All-Time High

A record 896,436 unique social media users engaged with content deployed through ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager, seeing the highest engagement in Automotive and Watercraft brands!

ThumbStopper For Bikes is Picking Up Speed

We recently launched our “ThumbStopper for Bikes” solution, a new program delivering custom-curated content to bicycle retailers’ social feeds. Since launching our program in September, we’ve on-boarded 13 retailers in the bicycle vertical and plan on switching into high gear next year!

We want to wish all of our brand and retail partners a Happy New Year as we enter 2020 and look towards building upon our success in connecting brands with our retail networks!

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