How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

As a marketing director, you are well aware of the importance and benefits of maintaining your social media presence. With the increased noise on social media, however, it can be difficult for brands to stand out — a feat made even more challenging when combined with your brand’s vast marketing needs and its budget limitations. Because of these conditions, you need the right tools on your side to not only support but also maximize your efforts. This is where social media automation can help.

Continue reading to learn about the value of social media automation and how to find a solution that fits your budget.

The Value of Social Media Automation

You invest a lot of time and energy into your social media strategy — making it all the more important to maximize that investment.

Ensure Consistency

Maintain a consistent social media presence to keep your followers engaged and your brand top of mind. Social media automation makes it easy to manage your presence across multiple platforms by streamlining the content creation, planning, and publishing process. In addition to increasing customer acquisition and retention, consistency in posting has been shown to increase revenue across all digital platforms by up to 23%.

While consistency throughout your digital channels is a top priority, your social media strategy goes beyond what you post on your own channels — it also should include what your retailers post on theirs. Most retailers lack the expertise and bandwidth to create quality content that’s aligned with your brand standards.

Breaking from your brand standards (whether it be done by you or your retailers) can damage the reputation you have worked hard to build. Guarantee brand integrity by bridging the content gap with your retailers — a unique capability that the social media automation tool ThumbStopper® offers.

Leverage Analytics

Utilize analytic insights to improve your content strategy. Identify what metrics you should look at, such as Reach, Engagement, and Conversions. Define what success means for each of these metrics, and measure your content’s performance against these goals. Adjust your strategy accordingly — tailoring your content to your audience’s preferences will improve its performance and help drive results. 

Many social media automation tools offer analytic insights into your specific content. Tools like ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager™ give you access to valuable localized insights into your retailers’ social analytics — enabling you to see your content’s performance across a broader, yet targeted audience. 

Save Time and Money While Boosting ROI

How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

The right social media automation tool will help you streamline the social media management process — saving you valuable time, money, and energy that you can allocate back to managing the rest of your brand’s marketing needs. 

Maximize your ROI by distributing your content to the right audience at the right time. Some tools identify peak posting times for you to increase store traffic and improve content performance. Most automation tools offer scheduling capabilities, some track analytics, and others have more advanced features such as content amplification and syndication

Certain tools like ThumbStopper offer all of these features while helping you further manage your brand’s representation across your retailers’ social channels — saving you the time-consuming task of managing brand compliance yourself.

How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

What’s more, if Organic social syndication did have a CPM, ThumbStopper is typically much lower than other comparable targeting and delivery channels.

[Image: Example of Organic Reach Report]

Budgeting for Social Media Automation

How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

With different subscription levels and features, social media automation cost varies by platform. Consider these factors when deciding between tools:

  • Your organic social media efforts. Think about this in terms of what you are getting back — consider the new impressions your brand will get and what that would equate to in terms of CPM or CPC, for instance. This way you may be able to make the case to reallocate your efforts from an underperforming paid channel into something like organic social syndication.
  • The features you need to succeed. Create a list of your pain points when it comes to day-to-day tasks and overall strategy creation and execution. Find a tool that offers a comprehensive solution to these issues. 
How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?
  • The value the platform brings. The tool you choose should make your job easier. When comparing each platform’s features and costs, take into account how much time and money it can save you in the long run. Some social media automation tools create opportunities for co-op advertising, enabling brands and their retailers to share advertising funds and save even more on marketing costs. 
How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Cutting costs by paying for a social media automation tool that doesn’t do what you need can ultimately cause more work for you.

How ThumbStopper Can Help 

How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

While many tools can automate your social media efforts, most aren’t designed to cultivate collaboration between retailers and brands — something that ThumbStopper is specifically created to do. We help brands build lasting connections with their retailers and their local communities while increasing brand awareness and saving on marketing costs.

What’s more, our social media automation software’s unique capabilities allow you to refine your digital targeting strategy — helping you make the most of your CPM.

How Much Does Social Media Automation Cost?

At ThumbStopper, we tailor our pricing to your needs. Our social media automation capabilities help you save valuable time and resources — most users spend less than three hours per month on the platform. You’ll also save on the costs of content creation, and should see greater ROI than you would on higher-priced but less effective platforms.

Request a demo to see how ThumbStopper can help you take your social media strategy to the next level.

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