How to Find Success in Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Facebook continues to walk alongside Google and YouTube as a master of algorithmic systems, constantly refining the algorithms that prioritize what content is at the top of your news feed.

Since 2009, Facebook has used the data in its algorithms to prioritize posts differently – blending the newest posts with content that interests you and is received well by your peers. As a retailer, being aware of what interactions will garner more exposure on Facebook is essential as we go into a year where e-commerce and digital marketing channels reign supreme.

We’ve outlined some best practices to follow as you develop your content strategy to help narrow Facebook’s sweet spot – the audience interested in engaging with your content.

Engaging Content Begets Engagement

Ranking is a key component of today’s algorithms in Facebook and Google – using ranking signals to push meaningful content to the top of your news feed. But what does “meaningful” mean, exactly?

You want to create posts that are thought-provoking and let your followers know that you value their input – encouraging them to comment and interact directly with your content.

Here’s an example of a Facebook post that did just that:

How to Find Success in Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Their content was written in a way that prompted a conversation and resonated with their followers. Take notes on how Honda personalized their status; it’s a gateway to reach more eyes on your content without tons of ad spend.

Post When Your Followers Are Most Active

Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, the strength of your content’s ranking on Facebook is dependent on the time of day that you post. 

As a B2B business, you’ll want to post from early in the day to about 2 p.m. to maximize the reach you receive from individuals before they get to work and during breaks. B2C schedules can vary depending on the proximity of your audience – whether they are local or abroad. We recommend checking out a social media automation tool that automatically posts content at the time of your liking. Just craft your post, schedule it, and never worry again about whether it was posted on time.

But be sure to experiment with the times that work best for your business. Testing high performing posts at different times can give you an understanding of unconventional times that may favor your target audience. Posting during business hours is just a best practice – don’t be afraid to test the waters and go beyond that range.

Post Often and Consistently

Following a schedule is one way you can get users to know when to expect content. Since Facebook pages that post more are seen as more meaningful to the platform’s algorithm, set up a social media content calendar that will set you up for success in the coming weeks and months. That, combined with automatic social media posting, will give you clear insights on what’s working and what isn’t. 

We hope these best practices are helpful to get you more leverage on Facebook in terms of viewership and interaction. If you’ve still got questions on how to craft a social media strategy that will get you seen on Facebook, be sure to contact us and we’ll show you how we’ve helped thousands of businesses automate their content strategy.

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