What to Consider for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

by | May 8, 2020 | Blog

Is social media marketing a part of your small business marketing strategy? If not, you might reconsider. Here are three key statistics from HubSpot on consumer behavior in the social media realm:

  • 42% of the world’s population are active on social media (that’s 3 billion people!)
  • Half of social media users utilize social media to research products
  • Social media is the single greatest source of inspiration for a consumer to convert from “browser” to “purchaser.” 37% of social media users reported finding inspiration to buy, more than any other medium. Many of these users reported “trust in the brand” as one of the primary reasons to purchase.
  • A small business with a polished, coordinated and thoughtful social marketing strategy can reach the masses and improve conversions of interested customers. But, not any haphazard social media marketing approach will work. In fact, scattershot posts at inconsistent intervals can have a detrimental effect on the business’ bottom line. What small businesses need in a digital marketing strategy is carefully-timed content that resonates with their customers.

It’s Not Just the First Impression That Matters Anymore

Consumers are better informed and more discerning than at any other time in history. Within seconds, a potential buyer can engage with other buyers, compare prices, and form an opinion of a business’ brand through social media. A small business with an excellent social media strategy can turn this challenge into sales through:

  • Direct customer engagement
  • Posting relevant and persuasive content at times when the customer is actively engaged in researching a product
  • Carefully engaging their potential customer at “off” times without becoming an annoyance

Sure, But What About All of My Other Hats?

Think about all of the responsibilities of a small business owner. From bookkeeping, to human resources, to operations and sales, the small business owner has his or her hand’s full. Crafting an effective social media strategy can be time consuming, expensive, and might require more trial and error that a small business can withstand. ThumbStopper is the solution to small business’ social media marketing.

How Does ThumbStopper Help With Social Media Marketing?

ThumbStopper gathers media generated by the brands you sell and automates the flow of that content for small businesses. The content is relevant and engaging to consumers across all of the major social platforms. Small businesses build their own brand and effectively market across all social media platforms with ThumbStopper’s software, and precious time is freed up for business owners to actually run their own business. Imagine: more leads, more conversions and better branding at the fraction of the cost of a marketing department.

Imagine: more leads, more conversions and better branding at the fraction of the cost of a marketing department.

Ready to Let the Experts Help?

ThumbStopper is available for small business owners in a large variety of industries. For a couple of cups of coffee a month, you can have an automatic improvement to your social media with content from the brands you sell. To check out the brands we syndicate content from and the verticals we serve, visit us at thumbstopper.com/retail.

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