How to Plan & Produce Content for Your Small Business Social Media

As a small business owner or retailer, producing social media content is part of the job. Continuously creating and distributing content for your feeds can become overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start. In addition to building your business and servicing your customers, you also need to understand how to promote and sell yourself on social media, where nearly 3.08 billion people are currently active. So, how do you make time for social media and produce effective content?

Here, ThumbStopper helps you get started by sharing four easy steps to planning and producing social media content for your small business. 

Step 1: Determine Your Target Audience and Goals

social media content small business

Before you begin creating content, determine and outline who you’re talking to and how you want to talk to them. Start by considering things like:

  • Your target audience(s)
  • The goals of your messaging (Is it engagement? Conversions? Both?)
  • How to balance between promotional and brand messaging
  • Where customers are in their purchase journey
  • The types of content that are most relevant to your target audience(s)
  • Your brand voice

This crucial first step can help guide and inform how and when you post, the type of content you create, and who you’re speaking to. When you meet customers where they are — and provide them with relevant content — you’re much more likely to engage them.

Step 2: Plan and Create Different Types of Social Media Content

When it comes to social media content, creativity knows no bounds. Keep in mind, however, that you still should create posts within the parameters you defined above. Your content can include things like:

  • Sharing a post from your blog
  • Important business announcements and updates
  • Thought leadership on current and important topics
  • Behind-the-scenes of your business
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Employee introductions

No matter what social media content you create, always aim for a response from your audience. Maybe you entice them to like, save, or comment on your post. Maybe you want them to click a link to your website to read a blog or purchase a product. Prompt them to schedule a service. Whatever the case, always try to move your followers to action. 

Step 3: Create an Editorial Calendar

social media content small business

One of the hardest parts of planning social media content for your small business is posting consistently and intentionally. Instead of creating posts just for the sake of being visible on someone’s timeline, it’s important to create content that’s actually valuable to your audiences. It’s also important to share posts regularly.

With an editorial calendar, you can stop scrambling to get something posted at the last minute, and you can make sure each idea meets your “criteria” for a high-quality post. You can make sure that your posts are engaging, use the right hashtags or keywords, include high-quality graphics or brand photography, and are aligned with marketing calendars or promotions. Your calendar can also help you organize when and where you’ll post, so you maintain your presence. 

Step 4: Look to Social Media Management Partners

social media content small business

Simply put, planning and producing social media content for your small business can be really challenging and time-intensive. 43% of small businesses spend six or more hours on social media each week, taking crucial time away from growing their business. That time can quickly add up to even more hours if you’re not well-versed in social media planning, writing, or management. 

Sound familiar? That’s where ThumbStopper steps in to help. We automatically maintain your business content on social pages and it’s all 100% hands-free on your end. You don’t have to sacrifice quality or quantity. 

Let ThumbStopper Plan and Produce Your Content

ThumbStopper creates and automates social media for thousands of small businesses, increasing visibility up to 700 times. Take social media off your to do list: we’ll curate and post high quality brand content on your retail social pages, as well as engage with your audience. Our proven methods can boost your social media presence — all it takes is a quick sign-up to tell us your industry, your budget, and your brands. We’ll take it from there.

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